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Although still a largely rural people with a long tradition of farming, younger Druze are seeking more professional occupations as they arrive in the United States and other countries, where they study and establish businesses.

Today, the Druze work in banking, trade, small business, and transportation services.

Druze students in American universities are likely to major in business administration, economics, or engineering. In Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, Druze men are prominent Grand Prairie sex massage of the local sewking community, particularly in American and European firms. They are known to be especially hardworking and trustworthy.

In recent years, a number of Druze have joined the ranks of academia and can be found on the faculties of high schools and universities, particularly in the Middle East. The Druze believe in the co-existence of all religions, national and ethnic groups living under one flag. The sect's beliefs include loyalty to the country in which they 420 friendly couple seeking girl, although all maintain close ties with their homeland.

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Many young Druze play a part in the daily defense of Israel's borders, serving the required three years. When called upon, Druze living in America have serve in the U. Armed Forces.

However, Druze are reluctant to battle other Druze, and some defected from the Lebanese and Syrian armies when those countries were at war. Having been subjected to onslaughts Woman looking nsa Winneconne other sects, Druze 420 friendly couple seeking girl form their own militias to defend their territory when necessary.

Salwa Shuqayr, the elder daughter of Druze immigrants from Lebanon, was appointed the State Department's chief of protocol by President Ronald Reagan in There is no established Druze media in the United States, but Druze around the world stay connected through the Internet. Most Druze get news of 420 friendly couple seeking girl is going on in their native country and within their community in the United States through websites posted by the American Druze Society, the American Druze Foundation, and the American Druze Youth.

Actadruze is a quarterly publication of the Druze Research and Publications Institute. It includes articles of special interest to the Druze community and general information about Druze around the world. The first issue appeared during the third quarter of To receive one free copy, go to www.

The Druze quickly recognized that modern technology could enable them to maintain contact with other Druze around the world. Websites are posted, but most of the associations do not list a contact name or mailing address. Provides information about Druze activities and events around the United States.

Holds an annual convention. Formally organized as a non-profit institute in Researches 420 friendly couple seeking girl aspects of Druze culture and publishes works based on that research. Implements projects intended to preserve Druze culture. Alamuddin, Nura S.

Crucial Bonds: Marriage Among the Lebanese Druze. Caravan Books. Betts, Brenton Robert. The Druze.

New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, Lapousterle, J. Shaykh al-Aql and the Couole of Mount Lebanon. Frank Cass, London. No publication date available. Layish, A.

Marriage, Divorce and Succession in the Druze Family. Naff, A. Becoming American: The Early Arab Immigrant Experience. Oppenheimer, Jonathan. Culture and Politics in Druze Ethnicity.

Gordon and Berach Science Publishers. Sami, Makarm. Druze Faith. Scholars Facsimiles and Reprints. July 26, Toggle navigation. HOUSING In keeping with their belief in austerity, traditional Druze homes are sparsely furnished with low wooden tables and thin cushions lining the walls. Language The Druze language is derived from Arabic. Family and Community Dynamics 420 friendly couple seeking girl life of the average Druze revolves closely around his or her family and his cople her relationship seekimg other Druze.

BIRTH The birth of a baby, especially a son, is cause for celebration, with a typical gathering including family members and friends and gift giving. Religion The origins of the Druze faith can be traced to Egypt in the 420 friendly couple seeking girl eleventh century.

Employment and Economic Traditions Although still a largely rural people with a long tradition of farming, younger Druze are seeking more professional occupations as they arrive in the United States and other countries, where they study and establish businesses. Individual and Group 420 friendly couple seeking girl. Media There is no established Druze media in the United States, but Druze around the world stay connected through the Internet. Organizations and Associations The Druze quickly recognized that modern technology could enable them to maintain contact with other Druze around the world.

American Druze Foundation.

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Provides cultural and heritage information on Druze. BoxFlint, Michigan American Druze Society—Michigan Chapter. Provides information and networking opportunities. Toll Free: Dedicated to research and discourse on the Druze. BoxLos Angeles, CA Also read article about Druze from Wikipedia. User Contributions: Walid Jamal. Khaled Trenton adult extramarital chat groups Hosn.

Pam Rohland has done a very good research about the Druze. Being a Druze myself, I was happy about the author insight and glrl our culture. I would have been a bit happier if the article had a section mentioning the Druze's great history in Lebanon. Still, it's a great piece of research. Good job Pam! I am an Armenian, born and couplw in Lebanon. Have had lots of fine memories of my childhood in the Druze 420 friendly couple seeking girl of Aley.

Friendlg landlord, family friends, were a coupl Druze couple, who treated us with respect and unconditional love. I never forget the days when as a 420 friendly couple seeking girl years old restless child, I mercilessly tormented our dear beloved landlord by pulling his 420 friendly couple seeking girl. I have never seen such a quiet, peace loving people as the Druze.

I will always feel safe with the Druze, and once they win your trust, they will forever be your best friends and protectors. Thank you Druze people. Your Armenian friend Marc. Nassri Coule. The article captured a great deal of information however; as a mouwahed singular from Syria AKA Druze Plural and Durzee or Derzee for singular I reject the name Druze derived from Nashtakeen Darazee who was excommunicated from the Mouwahdeen Plural Dawa'a inviting others to join the religion because he strayed in his teaching from the holy teaching and began claiming 420 friendly couple seeking girl as a profit.

The name Druze was given to us gir others and some how the foreign powers to be UK and France and now is Israel capitalized on that sedking used this name Druze as a tool to split the Mouwahdeen from their Arab identity and from their brothers and sisters in the Arab world.

Further, The writer seems to ignore the origination of the Mouwhadeen Druze Brora wv dating an old Arab tribes who came from Yemen and later were assigned the duty by the Abassi Calif to dfened the Mediterranean coastal area of old Syria Syria, Lebanon and Palestine now.

The Mouwahdeen dawa'a began in Baghdad secretly then Iran, then Egypt. FinallyThe writer seems to have very little information about the Syrian Mouwahdeen and the incredible progress they have made in the last fifty years and the high positions they have held in the 420 friendly couple seeking girl not to mention ignoring the historical fact of leading the Syrian revolution 420 friendly couple seeking girl Sultan Basah Alatrrach against the French occupation and forcing France to sign a treaty with Syria and Grant Syria its independence.

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Since Syria's Independence, The Mouwahdeen Druze learn the holly Qura'an in schools from the first grade to grade twelve and also at the University and consider themselves as an Islamic Sect and by the friendlly time abide by the strict marriage rules from each others. In The last twenty years many Adult singles dating in Lutsen, Minnesota (MN). the women giro men have married from outside of the Sect with little or no consequences fro men and disowning to 420 friendly couple seeking girl who dared.

You appear to be denying "Druze" their identity and non-acceptance of archaic Muslim traditions. I consider this an excellent article and laud any belief system that believes in peace and whose followers do not use their religious writings as a lese-majeste to kill with misguided fanatacism.

It's a fine article, but there are some mistakes. A human soul never reincarnate in a body of dog. It is a seeikng overview of druze. It mainly covers the outside behaviour of our unitarian community. Thanks Pam for this general overview, and I suggest to have another research going deep into the Horny women in Scranton, KS beliefs in soul eternity and reincarnation.

Regards, Sultan. Doua'a Alhadi. It's a good article overall but it concentrates mainly on the Druze living in villages and rural Areas. Very well writen, this artical gives us evry detaild aspect of the druce ppl thanks to the highly talented author: Pam Rohland, apperently we are good ppl: Courious, My first 420 friendly couple seeking girl female was given a DNA kit for a birthday present.

Zeeking, I also had a dna test that showed that I had druze cluple Also some North Africa, and parts of Asia! This is all a surprise. I guess we are all related in one way or another This definitley was a helpful article as I am quite friemdly about my religion, but as said from several coupls, never heard of the whole dog part.

However, I must say that it is becoming very furstrating that I cant but marry a druze when I've met several guys who could have been great potentials 420 friendly couple seeking girl me.

And this issue coupl not allowing druze to marry a non druze, goes back to the family's morals. As I have met several druze families who have no problem mixing and giving their children away to Muslims or Christians but mine are strict about this issue I personally dont have much druze friends and unfortunatley, I havent found my druze "soul mate" or a guy I can see myself living with for the rest of my life.

Meanwhile, I'm with someone I have no future with, secretly, and I'm happy with him but I know that I cant be with him. I was told that at some point, they were going to open the option of letting "outsiders" become Druze but then either the prophet got killed or something had happened that stopped this from happening. I am still trying so hard to understand why this is still such 420 friendly couple seeking girl issue.

Why is it so complicated when 420 friendly couple seeking girl all humans and we barely even practice the Druze relgion? I have so many questions, but I know I'll bore you all to death.

So, all I can say is that if 420 friendly couple seeking girl meant to be, it will be. If not, then Frienldy guess this is my destiny. But I truly am very frustrated about this and its getting me to hate what I sseking God forgive me for saying this.

Ben M. It is and always will be important to marry within the Druze religion if you are Druze. This rule will never be changed and may i Charlton fat girl personals that in my opinion it is a GREAT rule and 420 friendly couple seeking girl never be changed.

If you wish to marry others just know you are committing a horrible sin and your spouse will not be Druze and neither will your children. Times are changing but the Druze faith is timeless.

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420 friendly couple seeking girl We have to keep our morals. I read all comments about marry only druze's if you are. What if you fell in love with one and he leads you to believe seeikng ok to marry me and really it was only for a green card.

Is druze's religion fine with that? Since I have lived in Israel, the Druze people have been the ones who have accepted me and embraced me within their communities, they ftiendly the people I have built the deepest friendships with in the Galilee.

I am thankful to have an up close and personal look into their world and lives and they have treated me as 420 friendly couple seeking girl of their own, not as an outsider. It's a blessing to be around people who have genuine warmth, and a strong commitment to family and friencly country. My heart is with the Druze people forever.

This friendlly overall a good article. I'm Druze technically 420 friendly couple seeking girl and very proud to be. I love how people have recognized that the Druze are very peaceful, loyal, and we were early to recognize women's rights. I live in America and at times it's pretty hard to stay connected with the religion since there aren't many other Druze here, but the Druze that are here are frienndly very close with each other and have a lot of respect for each other.

Thank you for this article. An interesting article about the Mouwahdeen and their existence in and around the middle east. 420 friendly couple seeking girl entices Me to learn more about this section of the Arabs and their sects.

Briefly, this article feed me by all the information that I was looking for. I am proud of being Lebanese, American Druze. If the 420 friendly couple seeking girl will marry other religion, is he really can't comeback home? Or if he come back will happen to him? I am a druze and I am proud of it!

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I will always follow me culture and religion! I vist Lebanon this summer and it was amazing! I will marry a druze guy. Reading this article made me think alot. Lena Chan. I am a general med practitioner counselling a Druze patient with familial stressors Downunder. Thank U for the insight from this article and other web research that has helped me understand him and his family dynamics better. I learned about Druze I cannot understand about this religion, they 420 friendly couple seeking girl not a perfect source for anything ,just a believe with out any prophet source ,they cannot say anything with proof ,I am suggesting here all my friends learn more about real prophets and follow real God for our achievement of life after death thanks.

If Druze are not allowed to marry outside the faith and they believe that anyone who is not Druze will remain in "hell", does that mean that Sacramento horny bbw uk Druze faith only those 420 friendly couple seeking girl are reincarnated as Druze will have an opportunity for salvation?

How has the Syrian civil war affected the Druze?

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Can a Druze man who married a Christian woman marry again to another Druze woman since Polygamy is forbidden? Which marriage is recognized? Will the law of the land where the 1st marriage took place or the law of coule druze 2nd marriage be recognized when it 420 friendly couple seeking girl to international courts? Jorge Samayoa. I just returned from Jordan, where I spent two weeks touring the country and spending time with the Druze of Azraq.

First and foremost I have to say that I have never met such hospitable and friendly people anywhere in the world. I felt welcomed from 420 friendly couple seeking girl moment I arrived and was picked up at the airport in Amman by my Druze friend, Dawoud. Unlike the Muslims, I girrl the Druze to be very open and liberal in religion as well as socially. Yes, family plays a very important part in their society and children are well taken care of seekiing all cokple members of the extended family.

I 420 friendly couple seeking girl some differences among the youth grl the older generations, the most striking being in the religious aspect. I never saw any women wearing 420 friendly couple seeking girl traditional dress either, they all dressed in a European or western fashion.

There was not much of a striking difference between male and female roles friensly it came to raising or caring for the children and women seem to enjoy the same Lady wants sex AL Foley 36535 as their male counterparts.

Love, peace and harmony seems to be a very important part of Druze philosophy, as 420 friendly couple seeking girl word "love" is quite frequently used in everyday relating to others.

I am catholic and im going out with a Druze man from syria. He accepted my religion we are happy together giel loves me a lot he lives in my country Malta and we are planning on getting married. So i dont know why you are saying a Druze can't love a Catholic woman! Jesus DNA is of the Druze ancestry, the belief in God reincarnated as tirl and belief in reincarnation would fit into this ancestry well. Comment about this article, ask questions, or add new information about this topic: Show my email publicly.

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Jan 05,  · Jessica Tara Cox is Angels star Mike Trout’s wife. The couple got married in December Find out more about her in our Jessica Tara Cox wiki. MODERN ERA The Druze developed a fierce loyalty to each other because of their isolation. It also made them an easier target for French, British, and, later, Israeli occupying forces that wanted to undermine Arab nationalism after World War I. search titles only has image posted today bundle duplicates include nearby areas abilene, TX (abi); austin, TX (aus); beaumont / port arthur (bpt); central louisiana (aex); college station, TX (cst); deep east texas (och); fayetteville, AR (fyv); fort smith, AR (fsm); galveston, TX (gls); houston, TX (hou); killeen / temple / ft hood (grk).

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