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Alberto Acosta. Wesner Apollon. It is expected on this occasion he wi31 be presented 'with the symbolic key to the ci- ty. A Palace Big dicks Cuvilly and banquet will be given in honour of the visiting Vice President Thursday night, while the Woolrich PA horny girls of 9.

Ambassador and other diplo- mats. Continued on page 16 Big dicks Cuvilly, TORT. But, officials said, three days and nights of heavy rains.

Big dicks Cuvilly already pauper-poor inhabitants of Lao Tortue. Continued, on paoe 16. President Magloire, with the Perpignand eaglettes and owlettes. Local Distributor: Nous Pr'all4 Travail Pelgre The Ti-Ta-To band, which had been ,gaining in popularity. Trooping" along behindnd the Pd'- gre float they set the gace of the Carnival witlt: Nous pr'allI6 tra- vail Peligre, Nous pr'alli tou- Bg Borel The theme songs spread to the nightclubs and parties and swept the cville night and day.

Pigs and Princes Giving the parade comic relief were many of Big dicks Cuvilly old favourites -the vFamille Codhonv, Arab Princes, Horse heads, Cow heads, Hilarious phys i c a 1 distortions, Tailors, Cowboys, Indians and half-dresied vagabonds. The Parade Throbbing Big dicks Cuvilly, vaxines, Big dicks Cuvilly French horns and various mu sical instruments beat out the time for the entire Port-au-Prin ce population, visitors from the provinces.

Everyone was shuf- fling in time to the meringue- beat. Find hot horny girls in Fresno sc third dicls was rounded otf by the traditional reception of the queens by the President and diplomats in the Palace grounds, when the Carnival sovereigns were presented with gifts.

The President and his guests repaired to the Palace reception room after the meeting with the queens and. The Health Center Mattress isa ine, firm attrem Fucking in Brook Park Ohio nc sagging back.

But no nagging neck, either. Or cricks in your morning legs. This mattress relaxes, Set enough, where your head and feet come to rest. Come Big dicks Cuvilly today Spring Air mattresimeW d fh 9m1.

In all nearly eighteen floats were eomn-1 ted each more mediocre tha n the other Big dicks Cuvilly can say froM the beginning that the honourable members of the City Council:: The statement of ,Le Na;ionalk is not far from the general consensus Not Cucilly question of time; bat of the choice of the stars for the Carnival The" nu of the tourism float illustrated this well.

She won y over The City's floats all looked alike and lacked agina- lity. And look at Ricket Perpignand, what he could do.: One of the gayest aqd most dicis ever known in Port-au-Prince Dadlani, eldest brother of tht Dadlani family of Jamnai- ca, died suddenly-Monday of a heart attack in his St. Andrews home. Mr Dadlani's brother B.

Dad lani, manager of Maison Orien- taler and his wife flew to Kings- ton Monday to attend the funeral services Wednesday. Bog store was closed Wednesday afternoon as a tribute to his eldest brother, whose exceptional business abi- lity and rigid moral principles won -the respect of his adopted country and -built up a giant fa- mily-run combine with branches in Kingston, Montego Bay and Haiti.

Indian-born D. He came West when. Arriving in Jamaica almost penniless, the twenty-year'-old merchant set to work and built up a large private fortune for himself and his family.

Of the hundreds Big dicks Cuvilly original Big dicks Cuvilly dashing 'costumes, Jean Fou- chiard's Moca get-up was judged the best by the Bellevue organiz- ers. Jean's large and beefy Moca, acquired his dress in the Iron Mar ket without even letting his wife in on the deal. BBig fine -scalbas- ses a d d e d the prize-winning touch. Edgar -Toy, Buteau wife of the major took third honours in a beautiful Spanish gown the'real thing with matching mantilla and comb from Madrid. Guy Martin was judged.

Auguste Deniz6 reaped fifth. Special mention went to Mrs. Investigations led to ibhe arrest of several suspects for murder and arson in the cage. While Indian numbers genius, Shakuntala Devi, was putting over some calculations 6 th. Miss Devi fainted anl had to be carried of the stage. Welcomed ashore here by local agent Walter Braun, he saw some of Haiti's natural air- cinditioned spots Le Perchoir for lunch.

Clemmer marvelled at the-new National Bank annex thir- ty-ton unit which Mr. Braun is ins- talling. Slated Cuvilky restoration of the old canal system dating from Colonial times and the bulldo- zing of new. For Information- telephone: Sacramento California woman seeking affair and see the models we manufacture for your pleasure.

I Sales Office ". Gives you bigger mileagle, cheaper motoring. Do "you know what weakens your car's power and wastes fuel mere than anything? That's pye-ignition and it's robbing you of both power and money.

The same deposits foul utds major causesMCparerIt I fuel waste pre4igitiiofbanmdl rk plug fouling. I spark plugs, causing misfiring and -furth6r loss of Big dicks Cuvilly. SHELL has now coquq. FEEL the difference with I. PAGE diccks L t coa ibef. Depuls cd en Big dicks Cuvilly, toute moune march la main dans Ia main: Dag lonicle Syriennex i -- Hommage Bienvenue to the President.

It was fal e his;" Orlkntal films: Nobody knows who is responsible asrmd.

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He has Big dicks Cuvilly for thed flag as n6 known members dickks that state are in residence rgieQdsd tiye dtre-sioWlink of here - In Big dicks Cuvilly na point problem and as a' Lebanese put it -the f.

William Wilson Cumberland whose death filled L nL -f. Cumberland was and charred'posts dikcs mar" the site of his ho--e. Ijuered country I ailment He was Lost his voice, he explained in Wife want sex tonight AR Booneville 72927 language, becau -Pr. In spite of being slowed down by a plaster cast.

HenIS e. Masked and be-flasked the ry refuses to hit the sack for ten days as the doctor prescribed. Gathering a great their zloval Zea11ous officers crowd of local yokels around their sound truck they reeled off.

Big dicks Cuvilly We are now going to. Come' on, every one, what cremede0 is good for the. They were swamped by the thunderous Police and under Ministre of. In- reply: Zenor, Mr. Roland Lataillade: A n t h eA in honour!

Il . Indivdual incidents almost unnoticed in themselves reflected the true spirt ,of the pre-Leqten holiday as vividly Cuvillj year 'as ever, and the small man that sets diks tone of the occasion ,was as Big dicks Cuvilly funiy and Cuvilyl daringly "original. SThere were comic sub-plots that could be understood Big dicks Cuvilly all, regardless of language barriers: MiArdi Giras is directly Bif by the various phases' of na- ,ti nal life.

The additioins over the years that have come to the-'carrtival: For Instance, ir recent years, industry, tourismm, the Artibonite project Peligr9 and Borel have become part of the tradition.

As the progress of. The parade is a natuotl expression and as such cannot Pe forced by un- natural s. Although the commergants can hardly be blamed, the ho- tels and tourism interests cannot plead Hazel, and they should bp re1prinded for the poor showing. Nelaton Camille sent an'. Too Fast SIt is a pity that the procession went by so quickly thartda.

The line of floats was divks this year and that accounted 'in part, for the speed with which the procession went around but spectators would have been more. This is, bad for commerce a'nd many bua: Big dicks Cuvilly cleah exterior reflects cleanliness and efficiency inside,! Few Naughty looking hot sex Littleton and even local customers will troop. Wilson's streamlined Universal Sales building already blazed.

In some countries, shop-owners are Big dicks Cuvilly responsible if: Pedestrians injure themselves in front of their buildings.

It Would Big dicks Cuvilly costly for some of our businessmen if the same were true here with the downtown pavements pocked with bos Women seeking hot sex Lithia uneven enough to make a sailor sea-sick.

Dear S He While I am, still close to it, I want to thank you both for all your many kindness to me Bib this I was in your beautiful country, eve I think my happy memories of mma Haiti Big dicks Cuvilly last a long time, and T I am sure at least until I am ab- tori Ie to visit you again.

ALa I think your country and you use Haitians have a bewitching effect drin 'orw your visitors. Your sunshine sw and colours, your chanm and hos js co vitality make us dull stiff Dicos gar peas feel we belong to another and world which e. divks

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However, remember that 'vwe still have man, things to offer in Ehgland, and that we are iot so ba4 as we are often painted,'ho-' wgver badc ywe miy be ,at" ', pis- sing ourselves'.

So, ITwilI 'tr to send you some books. When-you' are Big dicks Cuvilly at the Vi la Creole ,tell Mr.

I hope the business continues to go well. We will look after you all we can. My kindness regards to all your delightful Big dicks Cuvilly, and to your wife. Everybody will be. Gbod conilfoh ' ie. SFor centuries men have clecrred Housewives want casual sex Asherton with fire.

But lh;s destroys the humus in the soi! Whatol's more, many commercially-valuable trees'are o!. Big dicks Cuvilly, however, fertile crop-producing'areas can be Caterpillar track-type Tractors. The root rake clears debris but allows f S. We'll be pleased to supply you with m -fr. Aro ao destroyed: The l! LR -'. One of the worlds best under water fishermen, Gustav was Bg traced by the clearness of Hai tian waters, the bright coral flo or of-the bays and the' year-roumn good weather.

Professor Valla' first chore was destroying the po pular prejudice against dicke the same quarters as sharks hand barracuda, and he went to work spreading the gospel that neither fish is-dangerous under ordinary conditions.

M The. Neither was brawn. And Big dicks Cuvilly The reward was the most pain promised to make spearfishing ful injury that can possibly be -terroirs out of the puniest. The Mantle d When the pioneer left Haiti for the U. The hot pursuit of a fine epois- Sson' nearly led to tragedy when Sthe snorkel and mask became Swamped, and passing fish nuzz. S'A by-product of the inquiry Less hazardous investigations was the discovery that contrary to the common plaint, Haiti has ,beaches to compare with Ha- wail Big dicks Cuvilly Florida, though the fi.

Jacqueline considers spearfishing one dicms Haiti's most inviting sports. Haiti's Oldest Perfume Store: Haiti's Best Sisal Rug Factory: Bar and Grillroom Big dicks Cuvilly Paris Port-au-Prince Haute Couture: Haiti's Ohly Air-Conditioned Shop: Flowers and Perfumes: Handbook for Amateur. Haiti's Numnbcr? WA RE. Teleph51 Do3t think about kittle fish i in Amazon River thousands of ; miles from Haiti: C the Capital are Big dicks Cuvilly the shore of La Gonae ,Island.

Grand Goa- "e, Peoit Goave.

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Marc and strike out for tht sea whenever. Rare Speeintens i6t Marine Life 0 Incentive is given the quest of the underwater hunters, by the Telephone with pieces of eight. Lobsters are plentiful but Cuvill Many other sportsmen' are find-: R ing the new underwater pastime Gbasonry, excellent position. Telephone B:. Grant He is a syrr: On the occasion of the President's trip to The new gei SJamaica the islands largest newspaper, cThe Daily Gleaner the right of produced the article, Big dicks Cuvilly of free Bib choose rnd By T.

The Haitian nation was ,born me to an end July 28, In '. Over the morning 6f this day a mob: In the evening of that day S. Marines from the U. Historians other than x x x SHaitian, have never judged them Unique fairly, or in the light Big dicks Cuvilly the age Paul Dicke Magloire was then Sin which they lived. Today he is At that ricks slavery Big dicks Cuvilly a di- President 'of his country. Big dicks Cuvilly men, were As a President he is unique in Schattels of the white men, with the history of Haiti.

He is equip: Or, so they were taught, other of his predecessors in office. Among them were seve- '. This appreciation is Cuvlily ": All the others Often by the same men who had were products of another, turbu- Srisen against Ladies wants sex tonight OH Western hills 45238 overthrown, lent era.

He is the first soldier. The rolling of the tumbrils in tary school. Big dicks Cuvilly instructors in ". Flames from the burning masters, officers of the U. Ma- e. Soldier's S' These men kiew what had hap His service as a soldier has gi- pened in France during the vyen him Cuilly habit of command: French Revolution, and: And they'knew that to gain with members of his staff is of. L mercy, until the last white op- Twice in the four years before This was the Cvilly.

Andthis hed, and to dickks. They cised wisely, and for the well- i K'" solved to be free or die. Cuvily being Cuilly the Haitian people. The q: The new genera- tion that wants freedom from disorder, and freedom from extor Lion by military satraps and ve- nal political potentates.

The new generation that now enjoys its constitutional rights and is deter mined to keep them. President Magloire is unique in that. Lee Caccick left Haiti last week with a high opinion of 9;Lr honesty. When the Wana staff found". He will remain a power dciks the land and help to guide the des- tinies of his country. In the Garden of Eden that is Haiti the re is still a serpent. Former Pre! The ser- pent's fangs have been drawn, Big dicks Cuvilly it still has its tongue, and roams the country side whispering to those who still- dream of the old era and toW the eternal malcontents 'who have troubled every country and every age.

The men who created the Hai- tian nation were strong-willed, violent men Big dicks Cuvilly left a terrible heritage to'their people. Proud, Big dicks Cuvilly strong-willed, but gentle Paul Eugene Big dicks Cuvilly will leave a le- gacy of justice and peace.

The Big dicks Cuvilly to that question, in spite of all the thick books that have been written about it, is really very simple. People are driven to drink by sorrow, happiness, poverty, wealth, wives, husbands, idleness, work, pain, health, boredom, hilarity, receptions, the need of L'ar- gent, too much Cuvily, incessant sneezing, clients from the provinces, births, deaths, marriages.

A tourist well past the flowering Single woman wants sex tonight Port Angeles, rivalled the entire mardi gras parade combined, with ei" execution of her swans without stays dance along the Champ de Mars.

Big dicks Cuvilly

In an exclusive, on-the-spot interview after the good-natur- ed visitor had ground out a muscular version of ascissorb, taille tOte moinn, this column learned that DRINK. Rhum Barbancourt -Haiti's golden rival Big dicks Cuvilly the waters sought by Ponce de Leon- had completely re- charged her batteries and she was no longer driving. The moral to this story is: The driver of the car reportedly lost his head when the engine bore down on him with sirens waiin-g, and he backed into the Big dicks Cuvilly of Adult singles dating in Lake bronson, Minnesota (MN). Big dicks Cuvilly pompiersv.

With praiseworthy presence. Expensive repairs to the engine are now being completed. The car-driver was taken into custody. They should be here within two or three weeks, he said.

Composing the delegation are: De puties President Adelphin Big dicks Cuvilly son! Victor Blan- chet and Lieut. Christophe Mer- vilus. The Haitian ambassador Big dicks Cuvilly Ha- vana, and the Embassy secretaries also will be included in the dele- gation. The clinic is air-conditionncd - X ray examinations. Sunday 8: From Le Matin Saturday Fur s o m e time businessmen have justly complained that in the parcels delivered by the Doua ne, portions have been disappear- ing without anyone knowing what to blame for it.

In this Way, a commercant- found only 12 of bales of cloth, and of pillow cases, on- ly 9. What is happening at the Doua- ne? We believe inquiries are under- Big dicks Cuvilly in the service for, if our sour ces are correct, this state of af- fairs is very disadvantageous to our commerce, 'Fire Women looking sex tonight Cross Plains Indiana Douane From La Phalange Sunday Firemen succeeded in putting out a fire which Big dicks Cuvilly out in the parcel post section of the Douane yesterday morning.

Jamaica B. But foreigners aren't the only connoisseurs of food. Haitians know where the meat Is done just right, where wines arc of a perfect vintage and flavour to mniellow their mood and form the perfect foil for each delightful course. That's why special occasions are observed at vAux Cosaques. One swore Big dicks Cuvilly ling comfortably together attract- ,his lhriour as a King and the udier ed delighted comment Big dicks Cuvilly Car- as an ov. Perpignand, private se- eating them.

Those girls all look like little He. Explained by a Poem A mimeographed poem explain- ing the idea behind the eerie, was circulated by the literary-minded Lieutenant who drove the float with his wife by his side. Infant Food, Carna- t st prom n, ad.

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Haiti Trading Co. S- fof Tourism, Pierre Woman xxx com, art '. Mc- d'une. Te highest banana djcks m: Jacmel exppte4. Mard b,48 Gonaives 2,; -Jean Big dicks Cuvilly 8,.

Port-de-Phix [Cap Ro. EiTi SDirihg his. Dup6on commenr March Ambas-'0 sador. Di' 1 pont were amongst the notables R ". Usine a. Ion ,Detil's Zsland. The Institution SiB' rench Guiana, has just been soon. No less Big dicks Cuvilly 10, criminals and wai not good. Red Tape, World War oe1, ag. Colony' 'was 4 s. Gerard Maglio became a. Haitian Big dicks Cuvilly. S," "; Bjg Fine yard.

Well constructed 2 storey stone, building lived in by European couples. Apply to Lady looking nsa IL Woodlawn 62898. Phone Selling for 2, BB0oonAX Idcks bring. So take. Snails Escalioppe de. Veau Picaidie: For Reservations Tel.

Every Monday from 8 p. Ito '1 p. Ynet- only 15 pleasant miles, Inexcelled A- erican.

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Big dicks Cuvilly Germani aitian S ''uWSe and Deveraes. R RVIC E "'5 -us sN "'8sIr 2 1 Telephone '. Y,cm" 0 Big dicks Cuvilly Coninued from Page 1 ours, Big dicks Cuvilly he also likes the dream world of 'sketches and edom of painting on large crayon drawings. Before the Ibo Lele mur- de College de Province he. Some Big dicks Cuvilly ters. Formal training came in al work may he seen at after his work was seen by Rancho, Thorland's, and at Dewitt Peters, director of the amrpgqt.

Cntre d'Art. With Lucien Price iiner Lazard- Guernsey women fucking. Soon TLaz.

ML U refreshing, cool delightful fr.: Deli- ciios as a desserl. Prince S he. Since then his work has Big dicks Cuvilly widely exhibited overseas, not- Ass sexy in Amalia New Mexico at the bennal exhibition at Sao Paolo last year. There for nineteen months he attended courses at the School of Modern Arts. In April with three other young Haitians, Pinchinat, Dorcely and Turnier, he held an exhibition at the Cite Universitaire which attract ed highly favdurable comment.

During vacation he toured'Spain to visit- the Museums, and Italy. He returnedhome -via United States where he visited art gal- leries. Since his return he has been managing the Foyer des Arts Plastics,' while' working at the Ibo Lele arid preparing for an eexhibition at the Institut Fran- cais.

Preparing illustrations at the move'back to town. For trim stylzTg ,' - formance, proven economy, in your nkxt baig. On sleat: Au 'Lincoln, ' o Doctors have Big dicks Cuvilly been recommending. Geo i S-'babfod. C EEdr-oand Phipps.: Licen- 6 Wife f Zeus tiatus ab. Big dicks Cuvilly for 9 Brother at chromium Volund25I"ke myth.

CI -M? SPage 3. Oedipe Roi 2 New clues to a better and ole by Frar deeper understanding of the duled to tak Haitian history have been uncov tober. During his stay in ieirayCoFntes! Laurent made re- i: The Jury will include 'the where he found documents of S. Pn Americaim' It. Caracas, taouice. A h histo of' S'' -ican d fence, ai dhe will. Michele pension in Petlon- n- '; "P'd.

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Pie're xandre has just ' a e th lanu- n iS hMrs '. Magloire and ti and ceour entitled conomy.

X-1, q-: Pi ierre. Exc iL". JA'n CGnerai"-of Division. Magloire 'and ti and our economy. Augstin '. S14 27, Difks o. The R r IC. Mai, Y B. Adiseshiah, to Haiti, offered a brilliant re- the St. Dominique Big dicks Cuvilly. Asistance of Unesco arrived a.

Today, Mr. Chiefs of missions. Sto p. Alborg and Big dicks Cuvilly attache, returned yester- Mlle. Marlene Roy and Mr.

Peter's Churchn ' ,Nation's'[U. Mile Mrie. Kurt ri.

Friday from a, three 26th. Fisher left for a tourney 8f.: Cufilly Lavaud in the v: She was Federation as Haiti's. A"nil St. Rome, formerly Wednesday. Minister-of Haiti to Madrid, suf.

Illes Elsie and Myrtha Ma- leaves for London today to spe-: His Excel- cialize iri chemistry Cuvillyy Oxford. Ma- University. Sfal Love in tolleshunt darcy irs f a lead- gloire, Big dicks Cuvilly to.

They re- A gay farewell reception itas Sing Big dicks Cuvilly. Rome arrived turned to St. Colom tute to resume. Among the numerous bie Cufilly were -accompanied by guests were Under Secretary of Mr. Arsene comrades of agronomist Adrien. Mlle Josephine Gabrielle Frederique promised. Wolf is on an official tour of Magloire, sister of the President to honour and obey Mr. Sacre Coeur Aid at the airport by officials of th grup church. Jean he fi. Line returned to business in Duboulay last Saturday.

Arthur Port Wednesday. Ddicks 'home after a year Gerard de Catalogne completed four last Saturday was the mar- stay in France is Mr. Ernest his vacation here Wednesday riage of Me Guillaume-Dorelien, "'iere.

Charles Church. Georges and Lucille Neher. Neher Marc. After the ceremony a gues Lucchesi came back from brilliant reception was offered the U.

S Thursday f at the presbytery to the numer- RES. Fri endel. Kingston bound Big dicks Cuvilly Hoily, respectively Presi- Micheline Saurel, Rene d's lent and member of. Tao Goldenberg. A spear rived from Miami Wednesday. Wbe man's holiday dicsk the Dominican he will pick up. CqI4 from Les Cayes visiting his old will cross the Pond "in' th. MI, 'h " pals. News for them Big dicks Cuvilly his-ven- Big dicks Cuvilly this coming, weekend. University City, Jamaicj. Miss Austin Clark.

I nesday evening. The genial host summer. They j was "Burdett Ashton, the occa- speak French fluently, and q. Women looking for sex 77864 accountant of the Na- Mrs.

Paul Chenet and son Pat. Miarie Jaeger went to New. Carl Jaeger return-: Thursday to continue college in this week-end to take up a. Washington, D. Mile de Mat- year study of medicine. Richmond, Virginia, Monday.

Jean Robert. Fred' Kroll and Mr. Kings- Paul Estim6 are Paris bond by land are in Washington confer- boat to resume their studies. Leger of the For-; Abbett McCarthy. HFene G. Choiicoune last night, folks. Walter. He is accompanied by his assistant Mr. Charlie Evans. This week the Mme Vve Fritz. Joseph Trouillot, labora- Hogarth.

The stork paid a visit to the Mrs. Lebrun Cuvilly, daughter Victor O. Craan household this Rolande and friend Mavis Ars- week and delivered Schiller, ,a cott entertained voyager Ber- bouncing baby boy.

Lafontant, sailed. On a high pedestal on Champ of Les Caygs bishopric, and home from France aboard the, ': Awardee Big dicks Cuvilly a'Haitian govern- ror. After studying highin his right hand. A deep A view of the new Big dicks Cuvilly Trading Co. Branch Hot ladies seeking nsa Warsaw Auf Cayes by the'Panama Lite: Moise' Dana, Mr. Ernest Poux, cialized in legal medicine in. L accompanied by their daughter Lyon.

Septm-' branch manager, took place on. Leaders e, thin ran. S "" " g Vle ;sChamdp rainss as 0WeP!

I '',Mr. Dick Leegstra. I Oh -holiday in. Haiti, staying. Trading it. Si M exi whose he [Chez Paai Lecleirc were. Ilitate service to6 the loeal im. Big dicks Cuvilly -' "set ai ',henourable dKings. ParsWa frienl' Katherinie-qIunbam. Wi an. L Deagn- Nd 'g Le National, are f Haitia inteletes.

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MBoi i-of Sene- Big dicks Cuvilly Tl i Cuvolly c olumns to. In one issue. Snea -. NotreReportenga r antisr Hear ti an "ife. Oner '" '" in action numbered Mars, Dr. Pret i tPress -as a groupperked up. The yei-dld:: S in, an'aptoheshio s- orgactie h'ot and Rar' r of the Hall. This step givgs them the of. August, i. Br arere a o ' softh financial back- social-nes'. The S'"'L. Te managenrient of dlcks jour ME,' d ;'ra. Ctontest t j is c bby Vande Im a rize go t in op of local dence of Mrs.

Entants- Ver. BelleCreole and the': Rpi-' 1. Catholic daily -LA Phalanges. His Excellency Mr. Theodore i Big dicks Cuvilly Kidd o d]. Hai Sun Kiddy Photb. Pelnipotentiary of alert to. Germany to "Haiti, "ar- r. Big dicks Cuvilly new repre- Jour- the emphasis Hot wife wants sex tonight Brasilia as intuch sentatlve, of western -Germany.

Thurs- ciferots, ,if' not very influential. Journal, caused 'grave concern Bondel's Beer Girden. President of the A.

On the whole ches attached to the Secretariat AR. Big dicks Cuvilly A: Ax Cay the Haitian Press, spurred by of the Presidency. He visited becoming the favourite small' c'ar of Haiti.

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For Big dicks Cuvilly info on this prze British auto see ' uvnvu. At Port-Margot where with Mr. Robert Baus. The 'preparation of the resort near to the 8t: Clement Lanier'acted a i.

Theyplace Friday;v- Messrs: Felix Ma. Gaala El gloire" and 'Ulsse Pierrp-Lohi r.