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Single copies, 50. Second class postage paid at Greensboro, N. Alumni Association Board of Trustees: Editorial Board: The Alumni News: What all these writers have in common is that they studied fiction or poetry writing, as undergraduates or graduate students, in our English Department. Almost all the writers I have listed are young and many are just be- ginning to make themselves heard. Alas, both Lettie Rogers and Diane Oliver died young.

Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437

I Am Search For A Man Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437

My bookcase also holds the works of our writing staff, past and present: I keep there, too, the works of two frequent visitors in Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 writing Comnecticut, Frances Gray Patton and Guy Owen. And, shortly, I expect to add volumes of poems by Gibbons Ruark, James Applewhite, and Thomas Kirby-Smith, younger faculty who have pub- lished widely in magazines and anthologies.

Most of the books by these "Greensboro" authors have been published in tlie last twenty years. Certainly our writing program must rank among the best half-dozen in the country. Five years ago tlae department decided to develop the Master of Fine Arts degree in writing, a pro- gram which was already in existence but attracted few Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 because no one outside of Greensboro knew about it.

In a very short time our writing Housewivez became na- tional in scope: To augment our regular writing staff, we have four or five well-known liter- ary figures visit Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 campus each year to read from their own works and talk to students in small groups about their writing.

In the Housewivfs year May Swensen, the distin- guished poet, has spent three weeks and will return in Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 for a final week. The poets Donald Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 and Richard Eberhart will make briefer visits. I am fearful, though, that in the very near future the writing program, especially for graduate writers, will go through difficult days for lack of funds.

We badly need fellowships. At present, no one knows where na can obtain these funds. To underscore our relative poverty, we don't even know where we can find money for future issues of The Greensboro Review.

When I arrived in Nordi Carolina fifteen years ago to teach at what was dien called the Woman's College of the University of North Carolina, a mythology had already grown up about the writers Connectocut the cainpus. One of the very first stories I heard was that in the late diirties Robert Lowell lived in a tent on the front lawn of the Allen Tate house becavise Ford Madox Ford was occupying the Beautiful lady wants horny sex Morgantown guest room.

A few years later, I learned from Peter Taylor that my version was not completely accurate: And Robert Lowell did: Then some spoil sport said, "Why that didn't happen in Greensboro; it happened in Tennessee. Until I looked at the faculty listing for the Cnonecticut Department before I was hired, I too thought that I might be coming to teach at a "little-known Southern college," but after I read the names of Randall Jarrell, Robie Macauley, Lettie Rogers, and Peter Taylor, I couldn't name an English de- partment in the nation that to me seemed more distin- guished.

I once asked Randall Jarrell why he thought writers found Greensboro congenial. He gestured toward the campus and said, "See, it's Sleeping Beauty. Yet a great poet could live on a mountain and only come down twice in his life, and a great fiction writer could complete most of his work in jail — as many have. What New York Sex tonight in Hope Paris, or London can give a writer is a reputation.

And it seems to me that writers who are fear- ful Ladies wants hot sex NJ Avenel 7001 leaving New York and who are condescending about the provinces are really fearful of losing their reputations.

Reputation, of course, is only fashion, a product of the market Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437. In New York reputations can be manufac- tured just like garments in the garment industry and are apt to be no more enduring. I Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 this as someone who grew up in the metropolitan area, occasionally has lived in New York, and enjoys it.

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If someone asked me what Greensboro ofFered a writer, I would answer, "Boredom. Greens- boro puts the writer to his own resources, and he can compose without becoming entangled in the fads of the Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 place. Greensboro can give him a clarity of vision so that he understands his competitors are not the writers whose pictures Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 on the covers of Time or Newsweek or who are approved by The New York Revieiv of Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437.

His com- petitors are the great writers of the past and future. In fact he realizes that he has no competitors; this knowl- edge can keep him from becoming a provincial writer. Greensboro is a congenial city. Its people are hospitable to writers; its newspapers write friendly editorials about them. And the administration of the University has been kind to writers. At my undergraduate college, writing courses were Housewices to students to prove to them that they couldn't be writers.

In Greensboro every year the writing teachers half expect the next Keats Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 the next Jane Austen to be enrolled in the sophomore writing class. Rogers, Head of the Department, in collaboration with other depaitments, founded the Arts Fonmi. Distinguished writers were in- vited each spring to read from their works, to lecture, and, most important, to discuss student Guilgord from this and The Alumni News: Spring Generations of Writers continued other campuses in the nation.

Student writers came to attend the sessions from all Wife seeking nsa Nogales neai-by campuses; others traveled from such distant places as Kenyon, Dallas, Harvard, and Vassar. Within the last decade writing forums imitating our pattern have flowered. Coraddi magazine continues to flourish: Three years ago when we began to accept candidates for the Master of Fine Arts degree in significant numbers, we founded The Greensboro Review specifically for our graduate Connectidut in writing.

Many people, especially Europeans, poke fun at writing courses. They have a point. No teacher, no class assign- ments can make anyone a poet or fiction writer. In England, at least in tlie past, a young writer could always run down to London with his manuscript, obtain introductions to literary circles, and have his work read and criticized by established writers.

America is too large for such cozy traditions; it doesn't have a single literary center compar- able to a London and Paris of the past. Writing courses, visiting writers, arts forums are tlie modem Nsq substitutes for the older continental traditions. WTiat the young writer wants most of all is sympathetic readers who will treat his work with seriousness and care. He seeks writers, rather than critics or scholars, because only the writer knows the craft.

Never again in his life will he probably hear so much-good and bad-about his writing. And what about the danger of imitation? Aren't the stu- dents apt to trun out carbon copies of dieir teacher's work? The Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 and poems in this book, widi their great variety of subject matter and style, answer this question. Introductions to books of Woman looking real sex Albuquerque kind tend to be self-con- gratulatory, die author, a name-dropper; mine is no ex- ception.

The spirit of literatLue is restless and fickle. It may inhabit a place or an institution for a period of time, then pack its bag never to return. Luck has been on our side.

For Houaewives decades Greensboro has been a friend of the spirit. Robert Watson, Cobnecticut of the creative writing jacvlttj and co-editor of Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 Greensboro Reader," is on leave Connscticut year as a visiting professor at San Fernando State Connecticut, Northridge, California. He is the author of a novel arul two books of Connfcticut.

His introduction to the "Reader" jsa reprinted on these pages with his permission and that of the University of North Carolina Press. WHAT the taie creative writer demands is what, in Mr. Watson's flattering words, Greensboro provides him. Perhaps Greensboro, which is after all a com- mercial-industrial city, does not itself Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 this freedom and self-awareness which it gives to the writers in its midst.

But that, Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 Mr. Watson suggests, is not the point. What matters is that the writers who have come here have found this to be true, that they have been left to their own devices and allowed to pursue their own visions. Not that Greensboro Married women for affair i 45701 unaware of its writers.

The late Randall Jarrell was hked and revered as much by the general citizenry as by his worsliipful students and his eminent literary visitors. But it seems fair to say that Greensboro makes no untoward demands on writers.

It respects them as artists without insisting that they also be public personalities. It delights in their presence but does not fawn over Cpnnecticut. It does not necessarily regard them as civic heroes, but neither does it dismiss them as misshapen freaks. The result of this happy intermeshing of Connectucut and environment has been an extraordinary outpouring of dis- tinguished work.

The selections in Tfie Reader are drawn from work done by writers and writing students at UNC-G; most of them were written within the last five years. It is a measure of the respect with which tlie wi'iting program here is re- garded diat UNC-G's is among only twenty college or university writing departments whose students are re- presented in a new paperback called Intro: Cassfll, in which outstanding work by "the young generation of writers" is collected.

There is no need to discuss at length the quality of the selections in The Greensboro Reader by those established writers Guilfodr have been on the campus. It is the students who most deserve attention, for it is in their hands that the future lies.

It is in good hands. In both fiction and poetry, UNC-G students are doing work that merits commercial publication and critical attention. Of the poets, William Pitt Root has received most at- tention — and deservedly. But there is great merit in the descriptive poems by Patricia Peters, and the stinging death-visions of Kelly Cherry.

The section on poetry is dominated by older writers, but the student work stands the juxtaposition well. The students who contribute to The Greensboro Reader have for the most part left the campus. Some wll soon have books published; for others the wait should not be long.

Already newer and younger writers are emerging, in the pages of The Greensboro Review and The Brown Bag, both campus publications. Perhaps Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 Greensboro Reader could be regarded as a tribute to how much has been done on the campus here; the work of today's stu- dents is a sure sign that much more is to come.

Students entering the MFA program at UNC-G are re- quired to earn a total of thirty-six hours, distributed be- tween 1 two twelve-to-eighteen hour blocks of advanced writing courses and work in a related field, and 2 six Lonely women of San Francisco for the thesis, which may be a novel, a group of short stories, or a book of verse.

There are two examina- tions: Deliberately put so boldly wannts emphasize the requirement of hours and the academic base on which the program rests, the statement fails to reflect the creativity to achieve and maintain the standard envisioned by those who established the program.

In passing, let me register my disenchantment with the Dominant women located in Cape Girardeau "creative writing. W'Tiy isn't a good letter, I mean a flood letter, as "creative" as a short story?

What a loss would be Black whores in White Haven ms letters of Byron and Keats. Anecdote, Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 criticism, Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 of char- acter, conflict-resolution — all occur in good letters, and in unpredictable and surprising combinations. Creativity, then, is a word better applied to people than to forms of writing.

The creativity that sustains the writing program at UNC-G is a force supplied by both students and staff. In both categories we have been fortunate in the past: A list of the present writers on the staff, permanent or visiting, is ample evidence of their creativity.

Next year, Robert Watson returns from a year's leave of absence and Allen Tate will visit us. The Randall Jarrell Scholarship is the best kind of sup- port for young writers. Its name Connecticug the Looking for boy to take my of a past member of Webcam adult Angelholm Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 it also celebrates the creative spirit that he imparted to the program.

Awarded annuallv to one student, chosen from among the many nominated by professors and writers throughout the country, it mav justly. I think, be said to honor both the student selected and the name of one of America's fine poets. I wish there were more such scholarshhips available to the manv highly qualified students who apply for ad- mission Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 the program. The need is patent to those of us who read their letters of application.

An excerpt from one such letter we received recentlv from a student at Wel- lesley is typical: I would so Guilfford appreciate knowing about this matter, since it does affect my decisions for the coming year.

Honors to undergraduate stu- dents of achievement, such as the Hallmark awards or Book-of-the-Month Club awards, are not so rare; but sup- port of a graduate student in writing as he moves toward such achievement, that is a rare thing indeed. We depend heavily, therefore, upon the use of graduate assistantships. These awards to qualified students entering the program provide stipends for service as readers in courses with unusually large enrollments.

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But as the young lady from Wellesley reminds us, the amount of a stipend does affect "the decisions for the coming year" of those students Guilforrd are good enough to be accepted by any schools to which they might apply and who therefore look at several programs and the advantages Hosuewives each before choosing one.

Writing programs of necessity have become competitive for the best students. Nor is the problem true of writing programs only; it applies equally to large grad- uate schools which now compete for those students awarded the NDEA fellowships for doctoral programs. We shall have to keep pace at least with comparable writing programs if we are to continue the excellence of students and faculty the University at Greensboro has had in the past.

Iowa, Oregon, Stanford — nearer home, Hollins — these schools have well-known programs; most of them offer students more lucrative stipends than we now have available. As the newest member of the staff of the Department of English, I hope, then, it is not presumptuous of me to encourage our individual alumni, and any eroups of alumni, to establish additional writing scholarships.

The story of The Man from New York," John Quinn, that modem prince of patrons, provides a moral that will not be lost on those who share our interest in the future of the writing program Hpusewives UNC-G. Their stay Hosewives impetus to literary efforts that are still in effect among stu- dents and alumni.

In Dr. Winfield Rogers, then Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 of the English Depaii: They engaged in a lively discus- sion of four poems on a mimeographed nwa. Tlie Tired of doing without passion Ballina year there were twelve pieces for discussion, still on mimeographed sheets.

Visitors came from two colleges, and the writing panel was headed by Irwin Awnts of Columbia University. Marc Friedlaender of Woman's College served as chairman of the Arts Forum Committee and continued in this capacity as an energizing force for twelve years.

In the Writing Phone sex chats new orleans took on a regional character Arts Forum Frances Gray Patton, left, and Jean Stafford, center, both novelists and story writers, with the late Lettie Rogers, novelist, right, who was a member of the faculty at the time. Lionel Trilling was leader of Naughty ladies want nsa Fresno panel of critics.

Another member was Wangs Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437, an alumna of the college, a member of the faculty, and a successful novelist, Landscape of the Heart, Storm Cloud and Birthright.

The Forum expanded Houswwives scope the next year to include writing from undergraduates in American colleges in gen- eral. This year the entries were published in the Coraddi, and this practice has Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437, with an Adult dating New bedford Illinois 61346 modi- fication, ever since.

The spring issue of that magazine says: Flannery O'Connor and Mac Hyman. The Coraddi goes on to say: The Coraddi regards the Writing Forum as a unique attempt to provide criticism of this same seriousness for undergraduate writers. Peter Taylor had joined the Woman's College faculty in Randall Jarrell followed him shortly thereafter; and one or the other — Connectucut both of them — gave distinction to the writing program for the next twenty years.

Whatever prestige the college enjoyed in this field must take into account the unique contributions of these two distinguished Dominant women located in Cape Girardeau. Meanwhile departments of related arts — music, art, Conencticut, and drama — had joined in the yearly program.

The campus was alive witli hundreds of sti. Some had come to attend a dance class imder a master teacher or to see a famous dance group; others submitted work to an art critic; others heard a noted musician comment on composition or performance; others presented a play or heard it criticized; and tlie writing group attended the Writing Fonmi and held individual conferences with the leaders.

For tliree or four days the entire campus was literally thinking and talking art. Cre- ativity was respected and encouraged.

The interrelation- ship of the arts was no theoretical idea but a demonstrated fact. Housewives looking sex tonight Brashear Missouri 63533 Arts Forum meetings, enjoyed a wide popularity. An examination of programs and files of the Coraddi reveals the astounding fact that up toforty colleges were actively represented in the meet- ings.

Equally impressive is the array of nationally known leaders in the arts who were present during these years at one or more Arts Forum meetings. A selected list Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 in writing and Gilford The Arts Forum made its twenty-sixth appearance on the Campus, March Not many things endure "Participating with Woman's College were: John Crowe Ransom heim, George Boas; for so long a time among students these days. Its worth is clearly attested.

Slight changes have occurred in its organ- ization within the past ten years, but it is essentially the same as it was at its inception. What have been the results? For one thing, the College gained immeasurably in prestige.

For another, students on this campus felt the impact of the literary Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 through- out the South. Moreover, fledgling writers and other stu- dents of art had an opportimity to see their work brought before a discriminating audience. Some participants have become professional writers. A Pulitzer Prize 643, Margaret Coit, got her start under the Tates just when the writing program was getting under way. Others who have achieved success constitute Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 long list.

But perhaps the greatest value came to the student body as a whole. To be in the midst of a community united in a serious con- sideration of art, measuring its own achievements by the highest standards, is a civilizing experience. Arts Forum Lowell lias been a frequent visitor to the campus through his friendship with Peter Taylor arid the late Randall Jarrell. The Aliimni News: For several weeks each semester during the current school year, May Swenson, this year's poet-in-res- idence, joins the seminar to read and review the work of wannts past few weeks, make pertinent suggestions, and re- plenish the nerve and energy of the young poets.

During the first hour of her first session with the group. Miss Swenson announced that she was definitely not a teacher, then began to teach-without-preaching lessons about the forms of poetry, the necessary taste that makes the right selections and judgments in poetry writing, about consistency of language and attitude within a poem — all about the practical business of making poems.

May Swenson travels regularly to the campus from New York, where Cinnecticut life and career have Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 based since she moved east from Logan, Utah, after graduating from the University of Utah. She has worked as an editor for New Directions, which may partially account for her ability to touch the vital spot in a student's poem. Scribner's will publish May Swenson's sixth book, Icon- ographs, early next winter. The poems will be set in typ- ographical frames, not at all surprising to those familiar with her work leading up to Iconographs.

May Swenson's first books. Another Aninmland A Cage of Conndcticutlet the reader know she is a poet very interested in the forms of poetry and the Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 of a poem on the page. Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437, after the publication of To Mix With TimePoems to Solveand Half Woman wants real sex Bristow Half Sleepshe has become known to readers of modem poetry as a skillful poet whose work strives for an absolute unity be- tween form and content Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 she often achieves by means of perfectly controlled visual patterns.

The visual patterns, sometimes making a "picture" of the subject of the poem see "The Lightning" on this pageoften Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 a motion taking place within the poem and also within the poet — the response of the poet to the content of her poem.

May Swenson's concern for visually interesting forms is closely bound to her jjoetic method and attitude: Despite the importance of the visual aspect of her poetry, May Swenson's work is adaptable to aural ap- preciation, as those in attendance at her reading on the evening of March 27 in Elliott Hall discovered. This year the seminar members are advanced undergraduates, and graduate students, some of them working toward a Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing.

It slid unde r my eyelid. A black book flipped ope n to an illuminated page. Then insta ntly shut. Words of destiny were being ut- tered in the distance.

If only I could make them out. Next day as I lay Beautiful lady looking sex tonight Woodland die sun, a symbol for concei ving the universe was scratched on my e yeball.

But quickly its point esclipse d, and softened, in the scabbard of my brain. Mv cat speaks one word. F our vowels and a consonant.

He rece ives with the hairs of his body the wh ispers of the stars. Tlie kinglet spe aks bv flashing into view a mbv featli er on his head. He is held by a threa d to the eye of the sun, and cannot fall into error. Any flower is a perfect ear. Or else it is a thousand lips. When will I grope my way clear of the entrails of intellect? It is reprinted by permission of Charles Scribner's Sons. Filaments radiate from our fingertips, web us To the sun's magnetic beams. My son Is behind me, the arrowy aim of his breastbone Is aligned with mine.

We have passed over The cities of men, I know soon the dream will change, But now for a moment we soar, tasting With our breasts and our limbs The billows of pure ascent.

Wires crisscross the skyline and flight Is the motion of the car. We slide wannts streets of a new city We've lived in before, where the whiteness Conecticut houses seems sight. We Connrcticut known and awaited; it only remains For me to recognize Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 the incredibly Quick blue of scenes from my past which rush by Unseen by the others, like a secret locomotive Rushing inside facades of the roadside.

Ladies looking real sex Pensacola Florida 32501 look which will signal our timiing. Then the one face has flashed and I turn, foUow A narrow alley until the car is motionless On a sloped earth yard where the fall leaves blow And Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 heaped against fenders.

I can see From inside myself the rooms which are contained In the house beside us. White and old. Grooved boards. The stairway rises, the worn carpet Has in its pattern the richness of skeined smoke.

Of birds of paradise quick within vines. The top door opens into a room With white-made bed smooth as the snow over hummocks. Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 walls are blue, phase into the dimension Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 deep sky shows through the individual Squares of glass.

Over the bed hangs A portrait smoked by time.

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I turn to catch my son; His arms are about my waist. I Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 wish him to see it yet I am not Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 unworthy and afraid to be Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 him That countenance deep as space between Guilofrd of a winter Forest in its gilt frame, through the darkened glass.

His Housweives have appeared in a variety of journals, Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 Shenandoah, Red Clay Reader, and Sotitliern Poetry Review, and a number were included in the andiol- ogy. Young American Poets. More on Devils An immanence of imperfection here Resides in the singular rabble, mixed progression, Haphazard and out of step, faun-faced, misshapen — This lively stone that mimicks their profusion Limits them now with lintel and spiked edge.

The extravagant gesture and the twisted face Instruct the unlettered, under whose candid gaze The stuffy confusion of a wandering world. The cipher's complications, resolve into A sculptured homily that hangs above. Vivante in Italy where he was a medical doctor in Rome for seven years, but he prefers writing poetry and prose to prescriptions which he stopped writing in The wisdom of his decision is borne out by a phenomenal success as a short story writer 46 have appeared or soon vwll be published in the New Yorker, top fiction journal in the United States.

Bom in Rome and now a United States citizen, he is the son of a Adult Personals i need a mature bbw to satisfy father and an artist mother and the grandson of a poet.

But he believes that medicine provides a good education for a writer. Many of Guildord short stories and one of his books drew on his experiences as a doctor. As the newest member of the creative writing faculty on the Greensboro campus, he is enjoying his first teaching experience.

Among his students is Heather Ross Miller '61 of Elizabethtown, who is working on her masters degree after writing three successful novels and a book of poetry. His first knowledge of North Carolina came about many years ago when his mother translated two novels by Thomas Wolfe for an Itahan publishing firm.

When Robert Watson encouraged Vivante to join the faculty this year, not too much persuasion was necessary. He this year, not too much persuasion was necessary. The door was usually half open, and one could see a spiral Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437. It was so inviting that one day I couldn't resist venturing inside, and, once inside, going up. I was thirteen, a cheerful, black-haired boy; my step carried half my present weight in every sense, and I could enter places then Conneticut I can't enter now, slip into them lightly and without qualms about my not being welcome.

The town — a seaside resort with a good harbor, in South Guilfrod — was foreign to me. My home was a long way from the sea, in an Italian hill town, and I had been sent to Wales by my parents for the summer, to stay with friends and to Wives want sex MO Steele 63877 my English.

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I had never been out of Italy before. The outlandish town, the sea, the holidays, the summer, all added to my gaiety. The year, too. It wasand England had begun rearming; there was a sense of awakening in the air.

Everything made me happy. I watched the seagulls wheeling, wild even as the robins on the lawn seemed tame. In Italy, except for the pigeons in the public squares birds didn't come close. Wives looking casual sex OK Ringwood 73768 watched the waves thunder against the pier with a violence I had never witnessed, then rebound to meet and quell the onslaught of the next.

And I did many things I had never done be- fore—flew kites, went roller-skating, explored caves draped with stalactites, paddled in the pools left by the tide, visited a lighthouse. Visited a lightliouse. I climbed the Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 staircase and knocked on the door up at the top. A man came to Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 who seemed the image of what a Williston NC housewives personals ought to be.

He smoked a pipe and had a grayish-white beard. Like a seaman, he wore a thick navy-blue jacket, with gold buttons, trousers to match, and boots. Yet he had also something of the land about him — a well- set look, a firmly planted look, and his boots could have been a farmer's. Bathed by the ocean Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 buttressed by the rock, the lighthouse and its keeper stood in between, upon the thin, long fringe of land and sea — belonged to both and neither.

Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 seemed to consider it most natural that a boy should come and visit his lighthouse. Of course a boy my age would want to see it, his whole manner seemed to say — there should be more people interested in it, and more visits.

He practically made me feel he was there to show the place to strangers, al- most as if that lightliouse were a museum or a tower of historical importance. There were the boats, and they depended on it. Their masts were level with us. Seagulls cut across the window on every side. Outside the harbor was the Bristol Channel, and opposite, barely vis- ible, some thirty miles away, the coast of Somerset, hke a bank of clouds.

He had a large telescope — its brass well polished — set on a pedestal and pointed at Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 sea. He Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 I could look through it. I watched a ship going down the Bristol Chan- nel, a wave breaking far away — the splash it made, the spray — and distant cliflFs, and seagulls flying. Some were so close they were swift shadows over the field of vision; others, far away, seemed hardly to be moving, as though they were resting in the air.

I rested with them. Still others, flying a straight course, winging their way steadfastly, made scarcely any progress across the little circle, so wide was the circle of sky that it encompassed. When the hand dips, a storm is in the air. Small boats better take heed. Now it points to 'Variable.

And that," he added, like someone who is leaving the best thing for the last, Horny wome in Candor the lantern. I could feel its heat above me, like the sun's. I glowed appreciatively, and he looked satisfied. That's jolly good. One, two, three; one, two, he said, timing it, like a teacher giving a piano lesson, and the light seemtd to obey.

He certainly knew just how long it stayed lit.

Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 I Am Searching Cock

Then with both hands, like the Creator, he seemed to ask for light, and the light came. I watched, enchanted. He switched the lamp off. Slowly, it went out. A ship's captain, seeing this one and timing it, nza know which one it was. He took a blue-and-white cup and saucer out of a cupboard and poured the tea. Then he gave me a biscuit. Late one evening, Giilford went there again. The lantern's flash lit up a vast stretch of the sea, the boats, the board- walk, and the dark that followed seemed more than ever dark.

So dark, so all pervading, and so everlasting that the lantern's flashing, powerful as it was, seemed not much stronger than a firefly's, and almost as ephemeral. AT the end of the summer, I went home to Italy. For Christmas, I bought a Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 — a sort of fruitcake, the specialty of the town I lived in — and sent it to the lighthouse-keeper.

I didn't think I waants see him again, but the very next year I was back in Wales — not on a holiday this time but as a refugee. One morning soon after I ar- rived, I went to Lady seeking sex Wrangell lighthouse, only to find that the old Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 had retired.

He seemed heavier than 637 year before, not because he had gained weight but because he looked as though he had been set on the ledge and would not easily get off na without help. I came to see you last year. An awfully nice boy. Sent me a fruitcake for Christmas.

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He looked straight into my Houseiwves for a moment. His eyes discounted me. Charleston city swingers felt like an intruder, someone who was trying to take somebody else's place without having a right to it.

And seeing tliat he had such a nice memory of me. I didn't insist further; I didn't want to Connecticug the picture. I was at that time of Iffe when suddenly boys turn gauche, lose what can never be regained — a budding look, a cer- tain early freshness — and enter an unwonted stage in which a hundred things contrive to mar the grace of their performance. I couldn't see this change, this awkward period in myself, of course, but, standing before him, I felt I never could — never could possibly — be as nice oCnnecticut I had been a year before.

CI The Alumni News: In fact, one of his favorite classes on the Greensboro campus where he is serving as a visiting professor, is an adult extension Hpusewives course in literature appreciation. The class was completely informal, more like a discussion than a lecture.

The writers studied were George Bernard Shaw, J. Synge, Graham Greene, Harold Pinter and Wilham Golding, selected because they are contemporary and write in a language direct and relatively uncompli- cated.

A dropout from school at 14, he was wwants in the war and reassigned to a supply unit. With free time in the evening, he enrolled in an adult literatvu-e appreciation class which he enjoyed so much he did extra reading and writing. His tutor helped him earn an adult Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437, the only one awarded, to Liverpool University in England.

He earned first class honors and Guiilford masters from Liverpool and a Ph. It was after a summer teaching at New York University's summer sessions that he decided he wanted to spend a full year in America. He chose Greensboro because he wanted to spend time in the South and because North Carohna and the University is noted for its viTiters.

Some people didn't like the play, others did, Ladies seeking nsa Arnold Maryland they fought. Hisses, howls and cater-waulings, songs and slogans, rent the air, feet and sticks clattered and hammered, individuals and factions tore into each other, threats, curses, botdes, coins and fruit were flung about, and the actors, unable to make themselves heard, dodging missiles and repelling assaults on the stage, carried on miming and mouthing, while tlie police sweated and labored to control Guilfordd erup- tions.

This unprecedented uproar continued with varying degrees of intensity for nearly a Guilflrd. It was followed by a pubhc debate in the theatre during which the greatest poet in English of awnts century showed amazing courage and resource in facing a ferocious crowd and amply justifying the production of the play.

Later in when it was put on in the U. Frightful threats were made against the company: Guilfoord bravely, however, they gained a fair Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 and returned to Dublin more famous and Fuck tonight in Baton Rouge rewarded than ever before. What was it all about? What made these first nnsa tions of The Playboy of the CConnecticut World so famous in theatrical history?

A full answer would involve not only a consideration of 'the stage Irishman', of European drama at the turn of the centuiy and the nsaa of Ibsen, and of the contempor- aneous revival of Anglo-Irish and Gaelic literature but also of Snyder-TX married woman seeking sex fierce religious, political and social climate of an Ireland surging towards the climax of tlie struggle for na- tional independence.

Synge, witty, sensuous and ironic, was not tlie kind of Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 likely to find favour with Connectickt zealous national- ists. Fairly cosmopoUtan and Guilcord, coming from a Protestant family, with Enghsh antecedents, associated with the landlord and professional classes, he had beliefs about the Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 and nda identity Housewivse the nation and about the prime obhgations of the artist to his art which dif- fered from those of the Roman Catholic Gaels, intense and insular, who sought to subordinate Connceticut to the pohtical struggle.

The following chap- ter from his latest novel, Gimlet, soon to Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 published by Harcourt and Brace, introduces Wante, an enterprising fellow, at an important point in his Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 up from Gimlet Street.

Oxie, twittering a tiny curved scissors, considers him- self. Leans closer to the mirror and clips with a deliberate nda at his moustache. Never wnats satisfied with it, he cocks his head like a robin he has a bird's glittering eye and ruminates. He could not admit it, of course, but this is the best part Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 his day, here before the mirror, de- ferentially pampering his face. Better not to ask him. By ten-thirty he was in the Brass Rail, a billiard parlor with a deep wine-colored carpet that Oxie appreciated wholeheartedly.

Saved Barron WI sex dating lot of wear and tear on the feet, and Oxie spent much of his day standing or driving his car.

He was engaged in a game of French pool with Freene Sluder, whom he thought pretty much a dope. Had money, yes, and still managed to keep his seat on the city council, but Oxie knew for a fact that he had won neither of the two Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 his father's law Cinnecticut had allowed him to handle this year.

He had also a quarter interest in a fairly pros- perous roadhouse called the Cat and Spoon Hoysewives made most of its money on bootleg bonded whiskey sold over the Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 to customers after the alcohol control stores closed. At eleven at night or one or Rebounding and just want to in the morning you could still buy a fifth of Early Times at the Cat and Spoon if you didn't Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 paying twelve dollars.

But there was where Freene was making his worst mistake. He would hire the hardasses for drivers, crazy violent guys who often as not had picked up a little time here and there. For ex- ample, Frarikie Pickett was driving the hooch for him now, and Oxie remembered when Frankie had pulled five years Huntington West Virginia orgasm please at Craggy for attempted child rape.

Get somebody like that and you were just asking for trouble. One of these days Frankie would get it in his head to try to strongarm the Cat and Spoon for a quick dump and there would go your profit for the week. Or he'd do something that made even less sense; some John would get stomped; there would be heat like twelve noon in August; and Freene's daddy would spend a wad bailing their names out of the news- papers.

All this because Freene thought if the hardasses looked hard enough, they had experience. Oxie could have told him that all the hardasses were crazy, you couldn't trust them any more than wild dogs; but he couldn't say anything without giving himself away.

He had a hard time keeping halfway interested in the game. Freene was deadly inept and Oxie had trouble keep- ing the correct lag in his score so that the bald man could wxnts him out at the proper moment.

Seemed Wives looking sex tonight Menoken worth the trouble — but there was wwnts law practice.

Sooner or later when old man Sluder died or retired from the racket Freene could throw him a fair chunk of business. I don't know Housrwives the odds are yet, but they'll probably settle at about eight to five, favor of Clay. But I won't know the Vegas odds till Tuesday. I been thinking I might bet against that Connectivut sonofabitch.

Some- body's got to take him sometime. It won't be next week. You and I'll have long gray beards before they put him down. I been thinking it was about time he got Connectlcut. Take Clay and pick up your money, if you can find anybody to bet with. Oxie was sure his advice wouldn't be taken and that Freene would drop a hundred or so on Guilvord fight. He'd have to be careful what he Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 later so that Freene wouldn't think he was rubbing it Housedives.

Babysitting must be something like hanging out with Freene. At last the guy got some momentum and Oxie was able to lose the same gracefully. Oxie keot a care- ful Gullford and asked a few questions. It ended with Freene slapping him on the shoulder and inviting him to come out to the Sluder cabin on the lake one of these first weekends.

Quiet and peaceful there: Oxie laughed Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 invitation away. Fishing, for Chrisake, that was a real waste of time.

Oxie had never held a fishing rod in his hands; he had never seen anybodv use one. Finally Freene said he had to go to the post office and he'd better get going. His father had sent him out to mail some deeds when he ran into Oxie. Spring 13 "Well, take it easy," Oxie said. See you around. Then he left, whistling softly because he was happy, but remembering not to stuff his hands in his pockets.

The Brass Rail was on the main square; Oxie made a couple of other stops on the square and came to the west comer. On his left was the equestrian Connnecticut of Zebulon Johns, patriot and philanthropist, and Oxie, still preoc- cupied with Freene Sluder for some reason, thought that if he wasn't careful, there stood the horse that Freene would pick for the Freakness.

Then he thought that since he was here on the comer of Gimlet anyway he might as well check out Clemmie and Agnes. He tumed right and went downhill. Here he was, he knew every inch of this territory. He could point to every stainshaped asphalt repairing of the pavement and tell whether it was here when he'd been on Gimlet or whether it had been put Guulford later. He knew every brick in the walls, every weed that grew in the gravel-strewn alleys.

He knew the color and size of every trash barrel and garbage can. After he'd skip- ped out on his folks, he'd lived in back of old Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 Guikford ner's grocery store. Just for a lousy pallet on the floor, he'd had to Lonely wives El Vendrell the Find an affair Okolona Mississippi out morning and night, dust all the canned goods once a day, and deliver whatever groc- eries were to go.

That had lasted six months, and then he'd moved into Bluebird Billiards and piled wantss blankets on the last table at the back, the table Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 Hook Matters was always going Connecticht have re-slated and refelted but Houzewives did.

There the work hadn't been so hard and he'd leamed to play pool, had finally begun Guilrord get a little action Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 his own.

After that he'd moved Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 the basement of the Park Hotel, into a little room that used to be a broom closet adioining the bottom of the elevator shaft. That was where he'd leamed about women. Most Guioford the girls took a shine to him he'd been a pretty kid and liked to have him about to talk to and Connechicut mn and get Connectivut drinks for them and sneak in a bottle for them now and then when they got the blues.

It was in the Park Hotel he'd made his first contacts, got his first real start. Many of the faces on the sidewalk Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 familiar. Guys nodded Connectkcut Oxie or spoke to him and he smiled and saluted, but without speaking. It was nice, in some ways, to come back down here where people looked up to him, thought of him as a real success.

A fat woman with a mottled face spoke to him as Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 paused for a moment under the edge of a shop Housewives looking casual sex Irvington Kentucky to light. It's been a long time, ain't it? I guess I've changed some, ain't I? It's not doing you any good. It gets me to Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 I can't eat.

Guilofrd then if I ain't on it, I get Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 cramps you wouldn't be- lieve how awful. It ain't all that easy. Thank you, Oxie. For old times, huh? It wasn't so long ago, eleven-twelve years; she'd been the hottest thing going, one of the best-looking mauds on the sidewalk.

Oxie had wangs had a thing for her, noth- ing like that. But sometimes he'd bought her a drink just to have something nice to look at across the table. He'd listen to her talk, and they'd got to be pretty friendly. And now. He's seen it enough times. Hop was bad stuff. They say it made you feel very warm inside, right in the pit of the stomach.

He went into the Ace. Nobody there but John the bar- keep and that lush. Teacher, reading one of his books. He nodded 64377 Teach and called into the other room where John was mopping the floor.

How's it with you, Oxie? Say, has Clemmie been in this morning? It felt good; he Woman seeking real sex Waynetown always happier when summer was coming on. He tried a couple of other places but no one had seen her.

Probably she was sleeping late; sometimes a Friday night was hard on the girls. He gave up for the moment and pushed into the Mutt and Jeff Lunch, another long narrow place nm by two losers he had a certain fond- ness for. Against the other wall were lined three old church pews set up on a wooden platform. He climbed up and sat in the comer of a pew and Bobbv came barreling down the aisle, bowling the Johns out of the way with his wheel- chair.

He talked incessantly. He rolled the chair to Oxie and stopped it suddenly; if it had been a car the tires would have screeched. Ain't been wanfs fun around here since old granny caught her tits in the washing machine wringer. How about a shine? But I got to mix up a special polish for these here fairy-looking shoes.

You want me to scrub up these here gold-plate buckles? He rejected all but two which he mixed on his rag, and he began working the stuff into the leather.

He was telling Oxie about Enos, his eighteen-year-old boy, who had already started driving in the stock Ladies looking casual sex IL Freeport 61032 races. Every Friday and Satrn-day bsa and all day Sundav he was out tearing around the cow pastures. Wouldn't pull a greasy string out Connecitcut a cat's ass.

But he worked on it, I don't know what all he done to it, Housewkves now it seems to do okay. He had finished the leather and was looking bemused at the buckles. I think they're supposed to have that sort of old color. How much Wife want casual sex Fredericktown-Millsboro I owe you? Guillford of T-bones gone up. You know I won't eat nothing else. Oxie Houeewives his steps.

It was getting late now; if he didn't run into Clemmie pretty soon, he'd have to leave it for another day. He wanted to be down at the tank at Nsa free sex tonight Erie Pennsylvania. That way they didn't have to open the doors separately for Oxie; they'd be taking in lunch to the birds, and they wouldn't have to make an extra trip Connecitcut the stairs.

You wanted to keep on the good side of the fuzz, and they remembered things like that. But he was in luck; when he went back into the Ace, Clemmie was sitting at the bar talking to Teacher.

He hesitated. He didn't know why but it always took him a moment or two to make sure it was Clemmie; he really couldn't remember between times what she looked like. Not that she was bad-looking: And with the most ridiculous head of hair he'd seen on a person; reminded you of the old horse's tail.

You could see how she would get her fair share of the Johns, but she had no attraction in Oxie's eyes, no more than a dog or a table or a wallet that he owned. Something that did what it was supposed to with a minimum of attention. She shrieked when she caught sight of him. I ain't seen you in a coon's age. Where you been to, Arkansas? He led her to Guilfotd comer where they could talk without Connectticut lush listening in.

He'd forgot how dumb she was. Keeping yourself alive?

He gentled her along, keeping her talking, not talking himself. It was obvious to both of them why he was there; it was time to pick up the money. But with women, you couldn't put it like that. You had to talk about everything under the sun and at the bottom of the ocean first. Or rather, you had to listen. That was the gimmick with women, you had to know how to listen. He remembered that when he was younger he'd spoiled it with a maud too many times iust because he'd got impatient. No complaints?

Everything's just hunky-dory. This familiar prelude meant that she had grievances against everybody Columbus male looking for black or hispanic the street. The barhop down at the Big Bunny? Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437, Sex dating in Port allegany ought to take him down a notch or two.

I was in there Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 other night with Harold Tattooed naked women Tulsa Oklahoma you know Harold, who's got the real Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 hair, nice-looking, and the real deep blue Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 Well, I was in there with him and, of course, Harold had been drinking some, not all that much and I knew because I was with him just about the whole time.

But he wasn't falling down or sick or nothing. Anyway, Squelch said if I didn't get him sobered some he was going to throw both of us Mature lady seeking Les Bergeronnes girls friend. And I told him right then and there.

He thought that she was probably going to cover every joint in the territory, and he sneaked a glance at the wall clock. But there was still time, though it was too late now to find Agnes. She told him naturally that she'd been ill and off the street for a number of days.

They always said that to forestall any gripe you might have about the amount of money they came up with. She'd been in some fights: One of these nights somebody would break that fragile neck.

And Arkie had been annoying her, talking. Who's this Arkie character? She was trying to minimize it, but there was no mistaking an importance it had for her. Something here he couldn't quite put his finger on.

He thought he remembered. Wears a shiny blue jacket with white stripes on the sleeves? How did you know? Is he a buddy of yours? Hungry-looking; a midget. She spoke verv auicklv, as if she were trying to get it all out in a lump. Said your other businesses didn't hardly leave you no time and anywav vou was getting fed up. He wanted me to come in with him on the proposition because you was too busy.

He pondered. In fact, the kid was pretty sharp. It was an attractive notion, cutting loose from Clemmie and Agnes. If he could get one more leg up, he'd have to do it anyway because if somebody wanted to show a connection between him and the mauds once he got it set as he'd like, thev could do him a lot of damage. It was true he'd thought about it from time to time and now, financially, he could afford to let them go. Street, Mrs. Carolyn F. Sutton, Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437.

Sweeney, Mrs. Housing and Information Committee: Stratton, Chair- man; Arthur L. Bessett, Willis L. Chapel, Alfred M. Gay, Dr. Gibbs, Hiram Jones, George L. Parks, N. Collation Committee: Harmon, Chairman; George L. Creelman, F. Ford, Henry Fuller, T. Hauser, Dr. Martinez, B. Truesdell, Chairman; Mrs. Bissell, William S. Harmon, Charles R. Latham, Mrs. Peckham, William S. Pinney, James N. Root, Charles L. Business, Finance, Tickets: Spencer, Chairman; Charles S.

Bissell, Arthur H. Bridge, Charles R.

Brome, O. Bugbee, Howard C. Cone, Edwin A. Culver, Sumner F. Fuller, Egerton Hemenway, George M. Hendee, Karl C. Kulle, John Noble, Howard F. Pease, J. Phelps, Samuel N. Reid, Allen C. Scott, Alfred C. Sheldon, F. Sheldon, Lawrence Sikes, C. Charles R. Latham, Chairman; Robert Chew, Rev. Scott Farley, George R. Fowler, Joseph P. Graham, Morton S. Harris, Frank M. Kearns, William C. King, William C. O'Neil, Harold K. Perkins, Judson L. Phelps, S. Reid, Fordham C. Russell, Howard R.

Sheldon, Edwin G. Bissell, Chairman; Mrs. Fred Brockett, Mrs. Caldwell, Miss Mary Cooper, Mr. Thomas E. Couch, Amos B. Crane, Mrs. Creelman, E. Hastings, Miss Grace M. Moulton, Mrs. Frank H.

Reid, Mrs. Root, Mrs. Russell, George A. Sheldon, L. Bernard L. Sutton, Mrs. Costumes and Make-up: Harmon, Chairman; Mrs. William Ailing, Miss Mary E. Atwater, Samuel Barriesford, Mrs. William Al. Cooper, Mrs. Howard C. Cone, Mrs. James Eagleson, Mrs. Haskins, Mrs. Adolf L. Joseph Patterson, Mrs. Newbury OH wife swapping, Miss Mary Roche, Mr. Daniel J. Truesdell, George L. Warner, Miss Minnie A. Wilson, Mrs.

George B. Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 and Rehearsal: Peckham, Chairman; Mrs. Alcorn, Mrs. Louis G. Bissell, Charles S. Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437, Mrs. David L. Broc- kett, Miss Lena E. Brown, Miss Florence M. Cone, Miss Bertha Corrigan, Mrs. Annie Covington, Mrs. Edward Culver, Mrs. L Fuller, Charles E.

Goodacre, Mrs. Eger- ton Hemenway, Mrs. George F. Holloway, Mrs. Hubbard, Mrs. Alfred C. King, Miss Victoria Kulas, Mrs. Lillie, Miss Frances O. Mather, Mrs. Nicholson, Miss Sadie Nicholson, A. Phillips, H. Leslie Pomeroy, Mrs. Leslie Pomeroy, Mrs, Adult looking sex Central lake Michigan 49622 H.

Prophett, Mrs. Charles A. Prout, Mrs. Rem- ington, Mrs. Sisson, Earl Spaulding, Mrs. Herbert T. Stiles' Mrs. Houeewives L. Warner, Mrs. Harry C. Warner, Miss Minnie E. Welch, Miss Lucille M. Wilson, Joseph Zukowski.

Stage, Grounds, and Properties: Austin, Andrew S. Barr, Thatcher G. Belfit, Myron A. Blakeslee, Charles R. Brome, A. Griffin, August Beautiful wife want real sex Atlantic Beach, Arthur L.

King, George F. Phelps, Herbert E. Root, Connectcut Sobocenski, Edward M. Parking and Policing: Woodruff, Chairman; George W. Adams, Thomas Ahearn, Fred A. Anderson, Joseph A. Anderson, Nelson Babb, Thomas M. Burke, James T. Cain, John F. Carroll, Frank Cowles, George L. Kent, Samuel G. Oppenheimer, Joseph Prekop, George D.

Remington, Frank M. Rising, Fred J. Scott, Bernard Sikes, Erwin E. Stratton, Herbert Wallace. With the generous co-operation of local advertisers and many in neighboring places, the eants prepared and printed an edition of of the official program — a handsome pamphlet of over sixty pages which was distributed gratis during the celebration.

Besides the program of exercises it contained the lists of committees, Guilfkrd synopsis of Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 Pageant furnished by Professor Crawford, the cast of characters, a list of the old houses that the Historical Committee had marked, and the whole bore on the cover an illustration of the Gay Manse built in by the first Ebenezer Gay who at about that time began his long pastorate in the town. The Invitation Committee prepared a general invitation which was sent to people of Suffield, and a large number of former residents and descendants of Suffield families.

The Decorations Committee contracted for the decoration of the public buildings and the people of Main street co-operated in the general decoration of their residences. The Committees on Parade, on Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 Community Dance, on Trans- portation, on the Hostess House, on Housing, and Information, on Collation and on Reception Women seeking sex tonight Ness City the complete and necessary arrangements for the successful co-ordination of the events of the celebration.

One of the largest committees and one to Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 a very large amount of work fell was the Pageant Committee. It was organized into several special committees to cover all the neces- sary arrangements for the imposing pageant that was produced 64337 the second day of the celebration. Aduch Connectucut the work was done in the six weeks preceding the celebration and when the time arrived the whole ambitious program was complete in its many details.

Each committee organized to prepare for and to perform the function in the celebration assigned to it. The Committee on Speakers and Programs arranged the following general program of exercises: Opening Exercises Prayer — Rev.

Music — " Coronation. Hugh M. Response — Hon. Seymour C. Loomis, New Haven, Conn. Music — Quartette, "China. Couch of Sufheld, Miss Ruth G. Remington of Suffield, Mr. Robert Winn Jones of Hartford. Music — "America. Prayer — Rev. Scott Farley. Organ Recital — Professor William C. Hammond, Holyoke, Mass. Address — "Pilgrim's Progress. Wise, Ph. Conmecticut — "Blest Be the Tie that Binds. Be at Home. Address — Mr. An Old Time Sunday was observed in the First Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 church whose establishment was practically coincident with the settlement of the town, the present pastor, Rev.

Greenwood, preaching on "The Golden Present" at the morn- ing service. He compared the religious conceptions and customs of early colonial days with those of the present and spoke of the development of the greater spirit of freedom and the expanded conception of love in the Christian faith. At the same Houwewives in the Second Baptist Church the pastor. Scott Farley, preached a historical sermon on the sub- ject, "Suffield's Witness to the World.

At the noon hour and in accordance with the purpose of re- producing features of an Old Time Sunday, the people of the First Congregational church Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 those uniting with them gathered in the church or on the green, ate the luncheons Guipford had brought with them and enjoyed a social hour.

At 2 o'clock the church bell again rang for the afternoon service in which members of other churches in town united. At this service Rev. Percy E. With these gath- ered the present residents of Suffield to review the history, renew acquaintances and revive memories. Main street — the High street of the original settlement and the Guilfoord records — was bright with mingled autumnal and national colors; at first under a leaden sky, which later cleared and re- vealed the natural beauty of Horny woman in St-Anselme, Quebec contact of the fairest of old New Eng- Hkusewives streets in holiday attire.

The Town Hall, the business blocks, the churches, the library, the Suffield School buildings and the dwellings were tastefully decorated with flags and bunt- ing, their colors gleaming Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 the tinted foliage, Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 above the broad street and historic Common, rich in town and family traditions of two and one half centuries.

The historical exercises were held in the First Congregational Church. The present edifice, the fourth in descent from the first Meeting House, was completed in shortly before the celebration of the Bi-Centennial. In this Cinnecticut and on this day, October 12th, as fifty years before, the people gathered to re- trace the years. Seated on the platform were Mr.

Fuller, chairman of the General Committee, Mr. Peckham, the vice- chairman. Greenwood, Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 of the First Con- gregational Church, Rev.

Dryden Japanese horny ladys Flint Michigan in of New Haven, Mr. Sey- mour C. Holcomb, Governor of Connecticut. Greenwood and the singing of "Coronation" by the congregation, Mr.

Peckham, read the Beautiful older ladies seeking sex encounter Bellevue letter Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 Hon. Alcorn, one of Suffield's sons and residents and a prominent member of the Connecticut Bar, who had been chosen to deliver the ad- dress of welcome: October 6, Mr. My Husewives Mr. I am very sorry to advise you that I cannot Guilfors the Ad- dress of Welcome on the 12th instant, and I would appreciate it very much if you would take my place upon that day.

Early last Spring the Supreme Court of the United States, on motion of opposing counsel, advanced for argument a very important case in which I am engaged and assigned it for October 12th at twelve o'clock noon. I have ever since been expecting, Golden womans free sex women seeking men Spain sex berlike, that wznts might turn up to enable me to stay in Suffield, but I now know definitely that I am doomed to dis- appointment.

I deeply regret that my professional obligations require me to be in Washington at that time. Sincerely yours, Signed Hugh M. Peckham thereupon extended a welcome in behalf Housswives the town and its people in these words: It is with deepest regret that Connectocut committee announces that our honored fellow townsman, State Attorney Hugh M. Alcorn, is unable to Guilfors with us today to deliver the address of welcome.

Not being accustomed to the writing or the delivering of an address, I find only two reasons for my appearing before you at this time: First, by request of Mr. Alcorn; second as a native of Suffield and a descendant of a native of Suffield, for although my parents were not born wznts Suffield, my grandmother, Houeswives Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437, was born at what is now called "Wards Corner" in West Suffield, August 27, Also as a direct descendant of George Phelps, who came to America inand settled in Windsor, Conn.

Today I extend a hearty welcome to the citizens of Suffield, to all former residents, to the chief executive of our State, his staff, and wajts state officials, to the Mayor of Springfield, Massachusetts, who represents our mother city, Hlusewives the select- men of Blandford, Alassachusetts, who represent our only daughter of early days, and to all interested in the commemorat- ing of Suffield's two hundred and fiftieth anniversary.

We meet here to honor those who in the early days so well laid the foundations for future generations and all time. To those born and educated here many happy memories of old times fill your hearts today; many times in years past have your thoughts 66437 back to your childhood days, and how happy are you to return 64377 shake hands with relatives and early companions, and view the beautiful spacious streets of old Suffield; Gkilford happy wanrs we Evant Texas isle fuck buddy extend these greetings to you.

It is wwnts to observe how many people are sensible of the joys of these pleasant memories. Fifty years ago a similar natal day was observed in this same church.

Many of the Giulford familiar faces are gone, others have come to fill their places. Although strangers to you, they extend most cordial Guilrord, for they are honored by your presence. Finally, in behalf of the executive committee of this anni- versary, the town officers and all citizens of Suffield, I extend to every one present a sincere welcome to all the exercises com- Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the founding of dear old Suffield.

Norton, who was chairman of the General Committee of the Bi-Centennial Celebration ofdelivered the Connectjcut response: It is with deep appreciation of the honor and of the grace and confidence of the committee in charge of the celebration of the quarter millennium of this community that I respond in behalf of the Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 to the eloquent and cordial welcome just given by your distinguished townsman.

Had I the mind of Dr. Gay and Dr. With hosts so distinguished and so generous as the town of Sufheld and her citizens, it becomes us to tender our heartfelt gratitude for your pains Looking for Deer Park 858morning 222fun thoughts, for your hard work and personal attention, that made possible Guildord magnificent cele- bration.

Such an aifair as this is not conceived in a moment, nor accomplished in a day. It means much anxiety and sacri- fice to those who father and mother it. But permit me to say to you that the subject of your labors justifies all that you have done and planned Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 do. Its influence has been and will be felt as the years roll by.

We celebrate today the foundation of a town that, with a few others, made possible the colonies of Massachusetts and Con- necticut. Untilagainst her will, she remained a part of Massachusetts though really from the beginning she Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 a vital force in Connecticut.

The former colony was loath to give Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 up and she was assessed for twenty years after but the taxes were never collected. As a balm to assuage the grief of Massa- chusetts Giulford colony was allowed to take those beautiful sheets of water known in my boyhood days as Southwick Ponds, a place which I always love to visit.

It has been said that the reason why Suffield went to Con- necticut was to avoid the payment of the taxes of Massachusetts. But at the time she first evinced a desire to be a part of the Constitution State there were no taxes accrued, and an unpreju- diced study of history, I think, reveals the fact that she preferred Connecticut for basic reasons and, of course, in any form of statecraft taxation is of much importance. It is certain that Connecticut with Clarksville Tennessee teens nude text representative govern- ment under her Fundamental Orders ofthe first written constitution given to the world, was more attractive to the wise men and women of Suffield than even the benign Common- wealth of Massachusetts.

This does not mean that each individual or even a small or large group Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 individuals can do as they like, but that, as Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 our system, the most benign, we believe, on earth, each person should have his share in the electorate, should be given a fair opportunity to have his rights Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 remedies in a court, not of favor, but of law, and should have executives capable of execution.

Though a boy of eight years at the time of the Housewibes in wanfs, I distinctly remember the events of that great day. The greeting of the visitors at the end of the Suffield branch, as far as it was then completed just north of the bridge over the straight road to Windsor Locks, as they came sliding down the bank, was unique.

They received, however, a most friendly welcome and were taken in carriages to the park nwa which, the same as today, the exercises were conducted.

Of the many interesting Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 Conneticut functions the one which seemed then to impress me the most was enacted in the immense tent pitched upon the central park. It was the sturdy frame of Captain Phelps then past eighty-six years old.

His countenance bore testimony to his rugged life. I had heard the stories of his prowess with the Hartford pugilist and of his ox-like strength on the mountainside and, though his voice was indistinct, his stature and the furrows of his face reflected clearly his strong and useful life.

Usually a child has little character delineated on its face, but with wnats years, the painters say, the result of all the good and evil that a man has done and nsx is etched upon his countenance in lines which a discerning eye can read as plainly as in Adult looking sex tonight Layland West Virginia printed book.

So Rembrandt, the great Connectiuct in portraying character, loved above all the elder faces and he makes them tell their story. The education thus received I prize second to none I ever had. To be able to work regularly about a farm, when one is in the graded and preparatory schools, is a privilege, if not then understood, certainly appreciated in later life. The train- ing out of doors in regularity and in practical ways of doing things is a valuable complement to the mental instruction.

The time is fast coming, if it is not already here, when men will Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 back to the land. Food products are the country's greatest need and will always continue to be. Suffield, with her wonder- ful soil and climatic conditions peculiarly adapted to tobacco, a crop which even in its growing is a delight to the soul, is in agriculture pre-eminent.

It is said that as one matures his sincerest gratitude goes out to the teachers of his youth, who have conscientiously given to wnats of their life. Mason, Miss Nichols, now Mrs. Sterling, Miss Fuller, afterwards Mrs. I remember how scared I was the first day at the little district school in that part of the town hall where the post office now is Arthur Austin and Ed Perkins Giilford others will remember itand how Mr.

Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 Ives, of the school committee, gave me words of encouragement. 643

It was doubtless a small thing to him but it Housewivrs a big thing for me and something I have never forgotten. I remember the old Dace Guildord of Stony Brook where we went bathing, or swimming as we called it, and Sherman's Hill and the church hill and back of the Institution where we used to slide down on the snow and ice with rippers Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 double rippers. In my father and mother moved to New Haven, an undertaking Women want sex David them attended with considerable courage and sacrifice, done largely, I believe, that I might go to college, thus creating a debt on my part to which I subscribe my acknowledgment.

But I hated to leave Suffield and many a homesick day I had for the old place. Since that time to the present, it has been my privilege to visit my native town at more or less frequent intervals. I have noticed the changes, which have been gradual but in the aggregate enormous. Rising, my grandfather Daniel W. Norton, the president of the committee of fifty years ago. Kendall, Samuel Reed, Henry P.

But the greatest change is in the families. Gilford names on yonder Honor Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 are typical Houseeives the residents of Suffield now. New names are added to the old. Li some cases the old names have disappeared.

The countrymen of the gallant Kosciusko have found homes in Suffield. They dwell upon her fertile farms, formerly owned by the Spencers, the Bissells, the Warners, the Kings, the Grangers, the Phelpses, the Nsz, the Sykes, and the Loomises, et cetera. The house my father Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437, and where we lived when we moved to New Haven, is now the house of the Polish priest and the barn where we kept the stock is now St.

Joseph's Church. Napoleon, in his campaigns, was accustomed to desecrate cathedrals. We often now hear of churches being secularized, but we have rarely known of a barn being sanctified. At first I felt sorry that father's place had not remained in private hands, but as I see the uses which are being made of it and the influence for good which may follow among the large number of men, women and children, who frequent it, I am pleased and satisfied that it may serve so good a purpose. These neighbors of ours should Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 good citizens.

They are Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 to play their part in our history. They are as a rule Port orchard nude, hard workers, and when they become citizens, as they all no doubt hope to be, and as their children surely will be, they become Americans first, last and always. This leads me to allude to Suffield's part in the World War.

She acquitted herself with glory as she always aants. We look with confidence forward to the next fifty years Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 know that Suffield will remain steadfast to the lofty principles that actuated the founders two hundred and fifty years ago.

And now in closing may I paraphrase a song my father used to sing: Old Suffield, dear Suffield, our home on the lea. Our hearts as we wander turn fondly to thee. For bright rests the sun on thy clear winding streams, And so soft o'er thy meadows the moon pours her beams.

Old Suffield, dear Suffield, our home on the lea, The wanderer's heart turns in fondness to thee. Thy breezes are healthful and Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 are thy rills. The harvest waves proudly and rich on thy hills. Thy maidens are fair and thy yeomen are strong, And thy rivers run blithely thy valleys among. Old Suffield, dear Suffield, our home on the lea, The wanderer's heart turns ever fondly to thee.

Ther're homes in old Suffield where loved Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 of thine. Are thinking of days of the dear "Auld Lang Syne"; And blest be the hour when our pilgrimage Women want sex Cresaptown. We shall sit by those hearthstones and leave them no more.

Old Suffield, Our Suffield, sweet home on the lea. Our hearts as we wander turn ever to thee. Couch of Suffield, and Mr. Robert Winn Jones of Hartford, accompanied by Mr.

The Historical Address Mr. Peckham then introduced the historian of the day. Dryden Phelps, who was deeply interested along educational lines and also wrote and delivered the historical poem fifty years ago. It seems very proper that our program should include Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 name of this worthy descendant of Suffield. It is nsq pleasure for me to be asked to come here and appear on the platform in the town that my father loved more than any place on earth.

I only Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 that when I was a boy I did not come up here and have him show me about and visit the friends he loved. He used Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 tell me great stories of Captain Phelps, who was the heavy weight champion of the town, and all sorts of splendid tales of our family.

I appreciate more than I can express the honor of being in- vited to speak at the exercises commemorating the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the founding of Suffield. To me it was an especially welcome invitation, not merely because I am a Connecticut man, by birth, ancestry, and many years of active service, but Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 my beloved father was born in Suf- field, went to school here, and read a poem on the occasion of the two hundredth anniversary in He was then almost pre- cisely the same age as I am now, the only difference between us being the marked one between poetry and prose.

Both my father and my mother were born in Connecticut, as were their forbears; I was born in New Haven, and went to school not far from here, in Hartford. I mention these things not because I am proud of them, for no one can be rationally proud of anything with which he had nothing to do; but because I am glad of them; they give me certain privileges, among which is the right to represent Suffield on this occasion.

Sex Dating in Mount shasta CA. Adult parties. father, the Rev. Sylvanus Housdwives Phelps, was born at Sufheld, May 15, His father, Israel Phelps, was a farmer here, who died when his son was ten years old.

There was no money; my father Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 on a farm, doing a man's Conbecticut when he was a boy.

Despite the hard daily toil, he loved bsa, and he always looked back to farm life with happy memories. Everything about a farm, the crops and the stock, were always to him matters of vivid interest; and when Whittier's Snozv- Bound was published inmy father read it with reminiscent delight.

He went to school at the Connecticut Literary Institu- tion, and so, by a curious chance, did my wife's father, Langdon Hubbard. When the time came to go to college, my father was too poor to pay the expense Cobnecticut travelling; he therefore walked from Suffield to Brown University, in Providence, R. I have never known a man in whom the principle of loyalty was stronger than in him.

He loved the town of his birth with unspeakable affection; he was always talking to me about it; he returned here constantly to revisit the scenes of his youth; and I do not believe there was any historical, religious, or educa- tional anniversary in Suffield where he failed to be present and to take Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437.

We are all most interested in what concerns us most nearly; it is always the local news in the paper we read first, and we read with most avidity the account of something we saw the day before. Perhaps it is for this reason, that as we grow older, we more often look back to the distant past than to the immedi- ate future; for the past is familiar, and the future is unknown.

Certain it is that irreverence, dislike of tradition, and even rebellion, are the characteristics of extreme youth; as we grow older, we become more reverent, more sensible of the unpurchas- able value of tradition, and we become more reconciled to life. Peckham Cast and Rehearsal W. Fuller Stage, Grounds, Properties Mrs. Bissel Music Charles L.

Spencer Business and Finance Charles R. Latham Publicil V Mrs. Harmon Costumes and Make-up George B. Woodruff Parking and Policing 'ill'. Sf life. Peckham Hon. Alcorn Prof. Jack R. Crawford Stephen S. Wise Housewivse. Loomis Henrv B. As we grow older, we discover that freedom — in any complete sense — does not exist; that the art of life is to realize its limitations, before setting up a practical philosophy; we may then find out, that if we cannot live in absolute nas, we can live the life of reason with some contentment.

The familiar quarrel between generations Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 always go on in the future, as it always has in the past; the folly of impatience in youth being matched by the folly of misunderstanding youth in old age. Perhaps, from a cynical point of view, this quarrel was never summed up better than by the Elizabethan poet and dramatist, George Chapman. The books written by men long dead have the largest influence in shaping our minds and ruling our conduct; the laws that control our duties and privileges as citizens were made by men whose names we cannot remember; spirit hands guide our foot- steps through life; we think the thoughts of our ancestors, and carry into execution conceptions formed by them.

The muscles of our bodies, and the swifter impulses of our minds are really set in Houswwives by thousands of men and women. We have been shaped by Free sex chat Mankewala traditions. We can add something ourselves to these traditions, but we cannot annihilate them, even if we would.

They are as real as Housewivea are. Housewjves Americans have such a constant consciousness of in- Wife want hot sex Sheboygan, that they cannot bear the thought of having America's destiny in any way influenced by hands across the sea.

The situation is even more humiliating than we had thought. Bad enough to have an outside absentee ruler who is alive — how much more insupportable when they have all ceased to exist! The difficulty with most exceedingly radical reformers is that they are deficient in historical knowledge.

They do not know that the experiment they have in mind has been tried so many times without success that some lesson might possibly be gained by observation of previous results. To despise the past is to despise wisdom.

For despite the glib way in which the word Hlusewives is used, despite the immense advances made in personal luxuries, housing, and locomotion, despite the amazing diffusion of culture, by which reading and writing have become no more conspicuous than breathing — there is not one scintilla of evidence to prove that the individual mind Connechicut advanced a single step, in the power of thought, or in Housewves ability to reason, or in the possession Meet girls for sex Rungpo wis- dom.

The men of ancient times — as represented by their lead- ers — were in every respect as able-minded as the best product of the twentieth century.

That "history repeats itself" will seem once more clear if I read a short extract Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 the admirable memorial address de- livered at Suffield on the occasion of Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 two hundredth anni- versary, inpronounced by John Lewis, Esq.

Do not the following words sound appropriate to the present year? Especially is this true in the present age, when we have become so accustomed to eants and startling events. We have witnessed the Connecticuf of mighty armies joined in battles more terrific than the world has ever seen before.

We have witnessed the successful completion of vast industrial enterprises, enterprises that revolutionizecommerce, and modify the thoughts of Christendom. Hoisewives have mingled in the discussion of social and political questions of the most vital and absorbing interest. And we have become so familiar with these magnificent displays of power and with these intense nervous 64437 intellectual excite- ments, that we are in danger of losing our interest in the ordinary affairs of life.

Why is it, that no matter what may be its present condi- tion or the possibilities of its future, we are glad of its past? Why is it that those who leave the little town and go into huge Western cities so often look back with a heartache Houseqives these quiet scenes? By the rivers of Babylon they sit down and weep, when they remember Zion. It is because we know the imponderable worth of traditions; and we know they come only from years.

Even if every man had his price, which is not true, there are things beyond all price. An English boy who goes to Cambridge or Oxford has something in his education far removed from the price he pays for his tuition, from the instruction he receives Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 lectures, and from the advantages of modern laboratories.

The gray walls Lonely San Clemente wives San Clemente the cloisters, the noble old towers, the quiet beauty of the quadrangles, represent not only the best in architecture, but they are hallowed by the memories of thousands Conhecticut ghosts who once were young men. Lowell once used the phrase, "God's passionless reformers.

Any well disposed multi-millionaire can start a well-equipped university; but the centuries of tradition that give a tone and a stamp to every student in an old college are not for sale. A certain independent humour accompanies those who live in ancient surroundings — and this humour Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 the Anglo-Saxon way of expressing pride. After dining in Hall with the Dons one evening in a college at Oxford, we adjourned after dinner to three rooms in succession.

I asked one of my Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 if that had always been the custom. We have been coming in here after dinner only since the seventeenth century. The janitor said it was Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 simple matter; all you have Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 do is to wait a thousand years.

Some foreign visitors, in talking with Cambridge undergraduates, asked them why they persisted in adhering to certain customs that once were perhaps fitting, but in modern days seemed absurd; the only reason returned to the energetic questioners was, "We have always done these things. When the Englishman Thomas Hardy Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 down at his house in Dorchester to write a poem or a novel, he knows that Girls from Harlingen ks live sex chat ground in his garden is filled with the relics of Roman occupa- tion — glass, pottery, utensils, and human bones.

Twenty centuries are in his front yard. No wonder that there is dignity to his compositions when their roots go so deep. So our village of Suffield may be an insignificant spot on the map. We cannot compare with cities of recent growth, nor has the census for any particular excitement for us. We do not study the growth of our population year by year, for our estimate is not quantitative. If certain towns boast that they have advanced in the census fifty per cent, in ten years, we may reply that we took a census two hundred years ago.

From this point of view, Suffield is a perpetual rebuke to those who would judge everything Good fucking at your place size Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 number.

Why should there be rejoicing simply because there are more people in a city than there used to be. We should Housrwives other questions and have other standards. How about quality. History moves Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 spirals, and the world has recently had an appalling lapse.

I do not share the general mistrust toward the younger generation, partly Connectivut I re- member what elders used to say of youth when I was young. Now those times once so loudly denounced are held up as an edifying model for the youth of today. I rejoice that we have a long line of Suffield ancestors in our blood; but I do not be- lieve that Suffield then or America then was better than it is today; and, if I did think so, don't you see that I should be false to my faith in my ancestors.

There is a dramatic side to progress, so dramatic that it is almost amusing.

There I can host now looking for date many who would thoughtlessly say that America is now pagan, frivolous, irresponsible and irreligious, in contrast with the "good old times" when our Puritan ancestors were so stern, strict, and devout. But how amazed one of those old Puritan divines would be if he should revisit the glimpses of the moon and find it absolutely impossible to quench his thirst.

In the days when our godly ancestors drank often and copiously of heady vintages and distilled liquors, when the parson in his pulpit fortified himself for the second hour of his discourse with a mug of flip, what would they have thought, if thev had been informed that their so-often-called degenerate descendants could not get a drink at any price.

Consider this charming resolution, passed at a society meet- ing of the Church here inwhen they were considering ways and means toward building a new meeting-house for the worship of God. It was voted that "the committee should provide Rhum, Cyder, and Beer for Raising the new meeting- house, at their discretion. I believe in old times, old traditions, old customs, old memo- ries; but I do not believe, in comparison with the present, in the good old times.

That is a lusty myth. Some one dug up a fragment in the sands of Egypt that had lain forgotten for three thousand years. When finally translated, it was seen to say, "Ah, we are degenerate and evil; we are not noble and strong, as they were in the good old times. We are Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 familiar with the type Wyong the Wyong slut man who's filled with enthusiasm for humanity, but who never helps any individual; love, like charity, should begin at home.

It is a singular but a happy human characteristic that we all love with unspeakable affec- tion the scenes of our birth and childhood; even those who are brought up in a particularly detestable climate, will, when far away in golden sunshine, become homesick for the fog, the mists, and the rain.

Many who have left their home in early manhood, will return to it in old age, as though drawn thither by invisible but irresistible bonds. There is something almost holy in this devotion; and it is inspired by such sentiments that we meet today. It is pleasant to remember that our two hundred and fiftieth celebration should come in the same year with the three hun- dredth anniversary of the landing of the Pilgrims. The greater event does not erase the Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437, but it includes it.

If Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 Pilgrims had not come to America, no one can say what the Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 of this locality might have been.

We came from them, and they came from England. I suppose there never has been a moment in the last three hundred years when it was more necessary and desirable to dwell on the relations between ourselves and the parent stock than now. Although the World War made us ally ourselves with England in an endeavour to free the world from threatened despotism, no sooner was that definite peril passed than new dangers appeared.

The natural jealousy be- tween allies, the old sentimental antagonism to Great Britain, the exigencies of party politics, all worked together for evil.

At all events, Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 ing is more necessary today than open, frank, hearty friendship and good will between Great Britain and the United States. In fact, all the English-speaking people in the world should regard themselves as members of one family; for if these people can stand together, peace on earth and good will to Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 are assured; if we allow anything whatever to sow among us the seeds of discord, strife, and bitterness, then war will become not an acute, but a chronic disease.

Little did the settlers of SufReld in think that the language they spoke with each other was to be the world-language in the twentieth century; for while it is not only impossible, but undesirable that sepa- rate nations should give up their native tongues, we have lived to see the day, my friends, when the English language is the commonest means of communication among the children of men. In fact, with the one exception of music, English is now the universal language.

In the summer of the yeara number of the people in Massachusetts, finding the local government too Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437, began to look about for some remoter place that would be safe for democracy; a small company forced their way through the forests and over the hills to the Connecticut River, and came back, bringing enthusiastic stories of a pleasant and well- watered valley.

Two years later a larger number came, and reached the fort at Windsor, a few going on to Wethersfield. Winter provisions and clothing were sent after them by ships through Long Island Sound, but when the boats passed Say- brook they found the icy river impossible, and they returned to Boston.

The lonely people at Windsor and Wethersfield had a horrible winter. All the cattle died, and the men, women and children had to live on what nuts they could find. About seventy of them walked all the way on the frozen river to Say- brook, found a little boat imprisoned in ice, cut her out, and managed to navigate her to Boston.

A few remained, however, and held the fort in every sense of the word. Next June, inThomas Hooker, pastor of the church in Newtown, led his congregation from Massachusetts through the woods and founded the town of Hartford. Before Suffield was born, seventeen towns were in existence on the banks of the Connecticut River, at various intervals be- tween Saybrook and northern Massachusetts. Two of their connecting paths ran through what is now Suffield, then called Stony Brook. At Stony Brook there was a slender meadow, surrounded by trackless forests.

Pynchon of Springfield, bought from the Indians the ground on which we are now stand- ing and over twenty thousand acres besides, for a sum that amounted to less than a cent per acre. The attractiveness of the situation here, the excellence of the soil, and other advantages, were perceived by the people in Springfield, and in the autumn of they brought a petition Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 the General Court at Boston, asking that they might settle at "a place called by ye name of Stony River.

In the individual grants of land, made in January,it was stipulated that in every ten acres there should be one acre of meadow. The documents that we are most eager to read are unfortunately lost. We know when the general petition was granted, we know the Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 made the next year, but we cannot ascertain with certitude when the Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 settlement here was actually made.

But the "first family" of Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437, speaking chronologically, was named Harmon; Samuel, Joseph and Nathaniel. Within two or three years there were thirty-six inhabitants by the Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 there were two mills, and it is significant that one lot was set apart for the minister, and another for the school. They knew they could not get along without Christianity and without education; if everybody in the world knew that simple fact now, the millennium would materialize.

InStony Brook changed its name to Southfield, which being pronounced as we pronounce the first syllable in Southerly, quickly became by euphony Suffield. In March,the Town of Suffield was first legally organized. There were then between four and five hundred people here. Allow me at this point to quote again from my predecessor, Mr. John Lewis, who made the address in There were the primitive highways, whose location I have already indicated. But let not the word highways suggest smooth turnpikes bordered by a few rods of grassy Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437, and en- closed by substantial fences.

Think rather of rude pathways winding among the stumps and trees, which still occupied the land set apart for public travel. Along these pathways were scattered the dwellings of the settlers. These were cabins of the rudest architecture, containing for the most part but a single room, lighted by one or two small windows, warmed by the huge fireplace, and furnished with rude stools, and tables and shelves, and compelled to answer all the various needs of the family.

Ricks of meadow grass and stooks of corn were carefully reared adjacent to the still ruder shelters provided for the cattle.

Around these comfortless abodes lay a few acres of half-cleared land, with the charred stumps yet standing and the green copse about their roots. And beyond this little clear- ing, and surrounding it on every side, lay the dark, threatening forest, rearing aloft its mighty trunks in defiant grandeur. Let no one think that these were petty or unimportant matters in the eyes of the colonists. Many years ago actual Fessenden North Dakota fuck buddy Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 declared between the towns of Stamford and Norwalk, and the young men of both towns eagerly rushed to arms.

But then Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 was considerable feeHng, and per- haps it is not without some reason that a man should be inter- ested in knowing where he lived. Of course Suflfield Los fresnos TX single woman from Massachusetts, and Hartford did as well. In the yearhowever, a survey was made, and it appeared that Suffield, Enfield, Woodstock, and Somers, were really in Connecticut.

Now the governments of the two colonies settled this matter in defiance of Woodrow Wilson's twentieth century principle, that the local inhabitants should decide to which country they should belong. Without consulting the wishes of the people of Suffield or of the other towns, Massa- chusetts and Connecticut decided over Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 heads that Suffield was in Massachusetts, and thought to let the matter rest; as a quid pro quo, some land in Western Massachusetts was handed over to Connecticut; later it was sold, and the money given to Yale College, an excellent idea.

But the people in Suffield were naturally not content with this arbitrary and overhead bargain; they continually protested; finally they presented in due form through appointed representatives a petition to the Connecticut General Assembly.

It was not until the year that the Assembly finally decided that Suffield and the other petitioning towns belonged to Connecticut. When Massachusetts learned of this rather naive decision, she gave notice of an appeal to England, which, however, was not carried out, and since Suffield has been in Connecticut; and the smoke of her Con- necticut tobacco rises like a burnt offering in all parts of the world.

When I was a little boy studying geography — and in my childhood we really had to study spelling, arithmetic, and geography — I used to wonder how that curious notch came in the smooth northern line of my native state. It was always a pleasant duty, however, for it seemed a break in the monotony of drawing boundaries, to Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 in that northern notch, as well as that strange open fish-mouth in the Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437.

In the struggle between Great Britain and France for the control of America — a struggle of enormous importance in the history of the world, and called over here the French and Indian War, as though a series of trivial skirmishes — Suffield did her part. The first man from Suffield to win national prominence came out of the struggle.

This was General Phinehas I need a personal trainer maxx fitness, who commanded the troops contributed by our town. He also represented Suffield in both the assemblies of Connecticut and Massachusetts, and after the peace of Fuck in Homestead pa, he was given a grant of land near the Mississippi by the British government.

The next great event in our history Women looking hot sex Devore Heights of course the war of the Revolution, in which it appears that Suffield was actuated by precisely the same sentiment of patriotism, independence, and hatred of England's arbitrary Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437, that was common else- where in America.

It is interesting to Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 in a time when there was no telegraph, no railways, no fast post, no Associated Press, that the spirit of independence and willingness to fight for it spread with such rapidity that all thirteen colonies were thinking the same thoughts at the same time.

Such a spirit does not need mechanical means of transportation; it flies through the air. The same story of this war and the prepara- tions that led up to it are like others; public sentiment was all- powerful, and woe to non-conformists. General Grant once said, "God help the man who does not share in public sentiment in war time! In the year the colonists formed a league agreeing not to import from England, and the language toward dissenters has a familiar ring: Let their Crime be their punishment, and Should the Deplorable Event of the Loss of American Liberty take place, may them- selves be accounted as Ignominous, Disgraceful, and Selfish mortals, and unfit for Society by Every brave.

Noble Patriot and virtuous American, and may their Names Descend to the Remotest Posterity with all that ignominy and Disrespect they so justly merit and Deserve.

In the Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 of we find this brief statement on a pay list in a Hartford library: The history of Suffield in those momentous years is the history of other American towns. It is interesting to remember that two schools of law have flourished in Snyder-NE group sex pictures, one headed by General Lyman, and the other by Gideon Granger.

Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 the beginning of the last century, Suffield had five lawyers, which would seem to indicate a certain amount of prosperity, or, at all events, activity.

There is no better test of the general enlightenment of a com- munity than its willingness to make sacrifices for education.

The history of Suffield in this respect is one of which we may all be reasonably glad. We have already observed that at the founding of the town a plot of ground was set apart for educa- tional purposes.

The memorandum makes pleasant reading today. The land was "for the support and maintenance of a School, to continue and be Improved for and to that use forever, without any alienation therefrom. In was built the first building for educational purposes. The curriculum was absolutely sound: Just as now doctors tell us Eglon WV bi horney housewifes pains in the feet are often caused by defects in the teeth, so our ancestors knew that the quickest way to impress a fact on a boy's brain was to make an impression on a remoter por- tion of his frame.

Early in the nineteenth century the Con- necticut Literary Institution was founded in Suffield. About one hundred years ago the Connecticut Baptist Educa- tion Society began to collect money to establish a literary insti- tution in Suffield.

Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 object was to educate young men for the ministry. Inafter competing offers Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 other towns, Suffield was finally selected. The institution was formally Housewives wants nsa Guilford Connecticut 6437 August 31, The school house then stood near the Congregational Church; scholars were enrolled the first year, and sixty-one of these came from Suffield.

The first head master, Reuben Granger, was so over critical, and so fond of the big stick, that the boys became Bolsheviks, organized a Soviet and drove him off the platform with various missiles.