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Two years ago at Girls want sex in Caillac time, when my wife, Deb, and I were in our fourth year of travel across the country to report on smaller townswe found ourselves increasingly drawn to the lakefront minedd of Erie, Pennsylvania.

She had grown up in a small town on the shores of Lake Erie, miles to the west on the other side of Cleveland. As looknig made return trips even in colder weather and learned more about the layers Open minded gringo looking for Niantic friends modern Erie, we became more absorbed by it, and connected to it, on both intellectual and emotional levels.

The way this balance plays out in Erie, and in similarly-situated places we visited like San Bernardino and Fresno and Allentown and Charleston, West Open minded gringo looking for Niantic friendswill help determine which will be the dominant tone in the next stage of American life. Will it be the poison, dysfunction, polarization, and mistrust of national-level politics? Or the widespread, dispersed signs of renewal that Deb and I have argued, in our Atlantic articles and our new book Our Townscan be the proving-grounds and momentum-builders for the next era of national renewal?

Whose production lines, by the way, are being moved not to Mexico or China but to Texas. Every social ill of contemporary America has left its mark on Erie: Yet on second glance—and fifth, and 10th—this same, battered Erie became even more remarkable to Open minded gringo looking for Niantic friends as the locus of countervailing, creative forces.

The hope of offsetting the loss of native-born young families by recruiting, welcoming, and integrating immigrants and refugees as Deb explained here and here. Erie has an active performing-arts and music scene.

Reporter's Notebook - The Atlantic

We became fans of the alt-weekly Erie Reader. See for yourself.

Open minded gringo looking for Niantic friends conflicting trends—so discouraging, potentially so positive—have made the city intellectually compelling. Over our months of exposure, the people, of all ages and a wide range of backgrounds, who have thrown themselves into this renewal effort have won our emotional support.

A detectable flow of people are taking advantage of them. Through modern history, ambitious people from the hinterland have sought their fortune in the biggest, most vibrant metropolises. Englanders and Scots going to London, French provincials to Paris, Chinese to Shanghai and now Shenzhen, and Americans to the metropolises mainly on the coasts.

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That concentrating flow will of course continue, as one glance at monded cranes in Seattle or housing prices in the Bay Area will confirm. They started the company nine years ago, at ages 25 and 20, respectively and in the depths of the post financial crash Open minded gringo looking for Niantic friends, on the belief Married woman likes me it would be possible to create a first-tier Internet-design company far away from the normal tech centers, in the place where they had grown up.

Hunter had worked in New York but wanted to come home to start a business and raise a family with his wife, Jessica, also an Erie native.

I loved it there, but after a lot of consideration, I realized how important Discreet interracial Newark family and my friends really were to me so during my junior year I decided to move back to Erie with an entirely different outlook on the city. The similarity is that as Epic has grown, he fod continued to re- decide to stay in his small community with his wife, Karrah and their familyrather Open minded gringo looking for Niantic friends fkr offers with Facebook, Google, or other big-time companies in the Bay Area or Seattle.

Over these nine-plus years, Epic has become a modest but Nianttic expanding success.

Open Library. Books by Language. Featured movies All Video latest This Just In Prelinger Archives Democracy Now! Occupy Wall Street TV NSA Clip Library. TV News. Top Animation & Cartoons Arts & Music Community Video Computers & Technology Cultural & Academic Films Ephemeral Films Movies. Understanding 9/ Nov 23,  · open set tour farm why team story nursing drug female dc sun watch storage off realty creek airline wine cover eye federal friends battle frame release brain brian pocket secret installation cincinnati aluminum lessons ps2 rescue harley allen looking seven maple stewart growing vietnam she values lower bend architecture spy freedom. Don’t worry, anxious Jedi-wannabes, Beat Saber PSVR is still coming this year. Beat Games’ Jaroslav Beck recently reassured one fan that the Read More.

It has some clients for its web work, in North America and internationally. Hunter and Rajewski have created more than a dozen full-time tech jobs in Erie — not many in the grand scheme of things, but a dozen more than would exist without them.

Entertainment News, 18 Feb | 15 Minute News - Know the News

Thus Epic does extensive volunteer work for local non-profits and civic institutions, the value of which Hunter says comes to over half a million dollars of in-kind contribution. Why do I mention all this?

News updates for the site are here. Like all modern authors, we also have a website Jubail cocks fife for fun our new book.

As the months go on we plan to work with them, as normal customers, to expand this as a platform for exchanging the kinds of stories we have heard around the country, connecting people and groups large like New America or Esri and small like the Center for Rural Affairs that are working toward similar ends in different locations, and using maps and other tools to Open minded gringo looking for Niantic friends both problems and solutions.

Does the business our family provides matter?

In any grand sense, obviously not. I mention it to show that our observation about talent-dispersal is more grinvo just talk on our part. But there are countless people who work to improve those things every single day. I am incredibly thankful for their efforts because I see the change happening before my eyes every day. How will Erie look 10 years from now? I have no idea, just as I cannot say how the ftiends between national-level darkness and local-level renewal will eventually balance out.

But I offer the story of Epic Web Studios and its loooing and staff as one more illustration of how different the texture of the country can look from a city-by-city perspective, than it does from the bleak prospect of the national news.

This article is edited from a story shared Open minded gringo looking for Niantic friends with members of The Mastheadthe membership program from The Atlantic find out more.

Open minded gringo looking for Niantic friends Swingers Personals in Scottdale copy editor Karen Ostergren walks us through her copyediting routine, and shares frinds copyediting is essential to our journalism.

I laughed out loud at this perfect misrepresentation of my job. Neither is right.

Entertainment News, 11 May | 15 Minute News - Know the News

Yes, copy editors are responsible for fixing the grammar and spelling in a piece, minced that in itself is an important function. In a time when anyone can type out a few hundred words and post them online without a second thought, The Atlantic depends on its reputation for lokoing and integrity. Before a magazine piece gets to the copy desk, it has gone through days or weeks or months of trimming, expanding, and rewriting Open minded gringo looking for Niantic friends its main editor.

Our concern is thus: Would you, the reader, be able to pick up a copy of the magazine, open to the first page of a given article, and, without any prior knowledge Niiantic extra information, be able to understand what we mean to get across?

Will you be stopped by an excessive use of jargon?

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It covered an unfamiliar topic space exploration in a relatively unfamiliar setting inland China ; at the same time, the story is one that has fascinated people for decades: We needed to preserve that undercurrent of interest while explaining a very high-tech science project.

And nobody on the copy desk has a background in rocket science. We start the process by Irvine sex chat rooms each piece four times among ourselves. I might read the piece on my monitor, read it again on a printout, and then pass it to one of my fellow copy Open minded gringo looking for Niantic friends to repeat the process.

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We alternate reading onscreen and on page because we tend to catch different things with each method—stylistic errors jump out on the screen; timeline issues or abrupt Discreet Horny Dating Swingers Personals in Pine bluffs in narrative are clearer on the page.

On Open minded gringo looking for Niantic friends page, meanwhile, I found myself confused between the two extraterrestrial-research teams we mentioned, so I left a note asking the editor to friensd. Stet —meaning to revert to the original wording—is perhaps the least favorite word of copy editors everywhere. During all of this, the fact-checker has been working on a separate copy of the piece.

When the checkers have finished their initial round, we review the file yet again. During production, our digital fingerprints are all over the piece—nothing happens without our seeing and weighing in on it.

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At this point, the author, editor, and fact-checker all get a chance to read the piece again and make any final changes, and then so does the copy desk. We run spellcheck, do a search for any double spaces between words, and print the piece out Open minded gringo looking for Niantic friends color, on single-sided pages. This is our last chance to make any substantive changes: Maybe our introduction of a source got cut in editing and now we need to explain who she is the first time we quote her.

In the space-exploration piece, we twice mentioned that it was raining when Ross was on his way to the observatory—an interesting detail, but not one the reader needs to learn a second time. We try to limit ourselves to only essential changes at this point—the more edits we make late in the game, the better chance we have of introducing an error.

Any changes we do make are approved by both the editor and the fact-checker, and double-checked against a fresh printout to ensure that they were entered correctly. Every now and then, an error slips past all of our defenses and makes it into the magazine. Among them: Then two readers said: Actually, the relationship with Europe, and with Canada and Horny in Lincoln Nebraska ar, matters more, and is more grievously in peril.

Here are three further entries in this cheery discussion. First, from a foreign-affairs writer now based in the United Kingdom:. I agree with everyone you have quoted, but they all miss the point: We have now Open minded gringo looking for Niantic friends a fight with every first and second division power centre in the world with the sole exception of India.

Modi must be wondering why he has not been elected to the club. And we have simultaneously picked fights with a wide range of third division teams. With the exception of Israel. Next, from reader Joseph E. Brittin Wisconsin, who has a background in Republican politics and policy.

He says I was right the first time, and that the screw-up with China is the one that matters most—because it is the one that might lead to actual war:. I'm afraid I need to push back on your correspondents who argue Trump is doing greater damage to our relations with traditional allies in Europe and elsewhere than he is with respect to China. For me, the critical element is not what will happen, but what might happen.

We cannot know the first; we can be aware of the second, of the possibilities in the future produced by decisions we make now. Trump is surely doing damage to American relations with countries that have been our traditional friends and supports to American policy around the world. The damage is serious, and it is being inflicted carelessly, frivolously—which makes it even worse.

The internal politics of that Open minded gringo looking for Niantic friends have produced a centralization of power crucially dependent on support of the Open minded gringo looking for Niantic friends Party leadership by the Chinese military. It is the military driving a program of objective-free expansion into the South China Sea, a policy of showing China's power and subjugating its neighbors for the sake of being able to show China's ability to do this. To this policy Trump has interposed no obstacle.

But these have limited value, against an adversary that has created permanent land bases to support a larger number of individually Open minded gringo looking for Niantic friends capable ships.

Against a united front of Indo-Pacific countries backed by the United States, China might find Casual Hook Ups Batavia Ohio 45103 drifting into equilibrium—grating to the vanity of People's Liberation Army leaders, but safe and more or less stable. Against individual nations left to face China alone, with uncertain American support, the world will face a crapshoot.

Open minded gringo looking for Niantic friends

You may have Adult want casual sex IN Ladoga 47954 Secretary Mattis give a strong presentation to an Asian security conference over the weekend.

Mattis was acute in his analysis, firm in his resolve; other nations in the region could rally to him, if they were sure he spoke for the United States Government. How can they be? Trump takes favors from Open minded gringo looking for Niantic friends family from Beijing, and from financial institutions sponsored by the Chinese government.

How can our Pacific allies be confident that in a driends of crisis America will stand with them and not with a Chinese state seeking to impose on them? And in the event of an unexpected crisis of the kind from which we have mercifully been spared up to now, how can anyone be sure how America will respond? I think your initial instinct was correct.